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Your April Horoscope Is About Putting Your Best Foot Forward

by Valerie Mesa
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A new month brings new beginnings, which is especially true when you compare March's astro-weather to the upcoming transits taking place this month. For instance, your April 2020 horoscope is about putting your best foot forward, but this means something different for everyone.

Despite the number of important transits taking place in April, however, Saturn's recent shift into rebellious Aquarius is one to definitely consider. Aquarius is the sign of the collective, and Saturn is the planet of limits and structure. If the term "social distancing" rings a bell, then you've officially encountered the effects of Saturn in Aquarius. (For more clarity, check where Aquarius is located on your birth chart.) We're also in the middle of Aries season 2020 and its planetary ruler, Mars, is also in Aquarius. Between April 5 and 6, Mars will square off with Aquarius' planetary ruler, Uranus, and this could very likely spark something shocking, so stay tuned.

Venus will enter Gemini on April 3, followed by a conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto on April 4. A couple of weeks after the Libra full moon on April 7, the sun will shift into Taurus on April 19, followed by a new moon in the same sign on April 22. Pluto will also retrograde on April 25. Put it all together, here's what April has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:


Aries: You're Embracing Your Individuality And Freedom

How have you been putting yourself first as of late, Aries? Whether you're working diligently to pursue your personal goals or finally feeling confident enough to take the lead, there is an incredible amount of opportunity for you in April. Your relationships could very well be tested during this time, but the universe wants you to surrender and trust the process, despite your warrior-like mentality. Focus on yourself and don't lose sight of your hopes, wishes, and dreams.

Taurus: You're Fiercely Pursuing Your Professional Goals

With assertive Mars and structured Saturn hovering over your ambitious 10th house of career, authority, and destiny in the world, you're fully dedicated to pursuing your goals, and nothing's about to get in your way. You're focused, disciplined, and ready to start thinking outside the box. There's a beautiful revolution happening in and all around you, so make sure to follow your instincts.

Gemini: You're Confident About Your Sense Of Direction

The only way is up, Gemini. You're finally making your happiness a priority and your inner child is blooming beautifully this month. With Mars-Saturn activating your expansive ninth house of education, travel, and adventure, you might even revisit the idea of going back to school (even if it has to be online).

This area of your chart also revolves around entrepreneurship, so you might even entertain the idea of launching your own business. You can do anything you put your mind to. It wouldn't hurt to sweep your social media feeds and connect with like-minded individuals, too.

Cancer: You're Finally Taking Charge And Getting Closure

You're growing, evolving, and healing, Cancer. With both Mars-Saturn shaking up your auspicious eighth house of debt, sexual connections, and transformation, there's a revealing magnifying glass over your intimate unions. So, whether it be with a committed partnership or a joint investment, there are a number of truths coming to the surface.

Venus will also be activating your secretive 12th house of karma, closure, and all things behind the scenes before stationing retrograde next month. I know you have a hard time letting go, but it's time.


Leo: You're Solidifying Your Partnerships And Longterm Goals

Treat others the way you want to be treated, Leo. I promise I'm not reprimanding you, but with Mars-Saturn highlighting your seventh house of one-on-one relationships, there is an emphasis on your relatability, commitments, and general ability to compromise this month.

Your traditional ideas and mindset, especially in regard to your daily lifestyle and due diligence, are also in the midst of a powerful restructure. What do you need to get to the finish line? Is there something holding you back?

Virgo: You're Focusing More On The Bigger Picture

Working hard or hardly working, Virgo? Something is either not motivating you or challenging you to step outside your comfort zone. Whatever it is, make sure you follow your gut, because it's rarely ever wrong. You're stepping into a brand-new chapter, and with Venus shifting into your career sector — before stationing retrograde next month — you'll be given the opportunity to reflect on your professional life and, more importantly, your values. Is your occupation actually fulfilling you?

Libra: You're Manifesting Magic And Embracing The Unknown

What do you see when you look toward the horizon, Libra? Venus, your darling ruling planet, shifts into curious Gemini this month via your expansive ninth house of education, travel, and self-promotion before stationing retrograde next month. What's your personal brand all about?

With Mars-Saturn shaking up your expressive fifth house of romance and authenticity, you're also being given the opportunity to solidify your creative endeavors, and perhaps do something disruptive or innovative with your artwork. Your ancestors will likely be communicating with you this month as well, so pay attention.

Scorpio: You're Looking Inward And Revisiting Family Trauma

You know how it is, Scorpio. The only difference between the person you are today versus who you used to be is you've finally learn to accept your individual truth along with your sense of security. There are a number of important conversations taking place this month, so make sure you open your heart and mind.

Lady Venus will also enter Gemini via your eighth house of intimacy, joint ventures, and karmic patterns — before stationing retrograde next month — which means you could also revisit relationship patterns or memories you might've swept under the rug. Don't run away from the truth anymore, Scorpio.


Sagittarius: You Are Dropping Truth Bombs Left And Right

With Mars-Saturn activating your third house of communication, thought process, and immediate surroundings, you're extremely eager to speak your truth, whether it be via writing or by gathering the facts of something specific. You might even decide to learn something new or start your own research project.

Your relationships will also be top of mind this month, especially the ones you have with your siblings and peers. With Venus shaking up your committed seventh house of partnerships, however, this could also revolve around a significant other.

Capricorn: You're Ready To Make Bigger Moves

You are worthy of so much more than you give yourself credit for, Capricorn. Your planetary ruler, Saturn, wrapped up in your sign (for now) and shifted into Aquarius — via your second house of finances, possessions, and self-esteem — which means there will be an emphasis on your finances and values these next couple of years. With Mars-Saturn hovering over this area of your chart this month, however, you are getting a glimpse of what's to come, especially in regard to your unique talents, and money-making abilities.

Lady Venus will also enter your sixth house of health, mindfulness, and due diligence, before stationing retrograde next month, and this will help you find joy in your day-to-day life. You deserve it.

Aquarius: You're Getting Down To Business

Saturn is passing quickly through your sign, which is giving you an interesting supercut of what you can expect from 2021 through 2023. Do you take yourself seriously? Are you doing everything it takes to build a solid foundation for yourself? Those are definitely some things to ponder while Saturn travels through your sign, and with go-getter Mars in the picture this month, you are being greeted with a much-needed boost of adrenaline.

However, despite how challenging this could be at first, make sure you go with the flow. This combination (Mars-Saturn) could be frustrating otherwise. The good news is, Venus enters your fifth house of joy this month, so have fun before she stations retrograde.

Pisces: You're Making Amends With Your Past

Saturn and Mars are shaking up your secretive 12th house of closure this month, and you are likely being challenged to confront past fears and resentments. Also, with Venus hovering over your domestic fourth house of home, family, and sense of security, these murky themes could also revolve around your family sphere. There's no use in holding onto something that no longer serves you, especially if it's been weighing you down. Instead of focusing on the tension, this is an excellent time to find the beauty in solitude and find comfort in your sanctuary. You got this, Pisces.

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