If You Answer "Yes" To These Questions, You Were Born In The Wrong Decade

Girl, this decade is just not for you. Every day you find a reason why you'd fit in better with the crowd of the '80s, and listen to your classic rock hits. Nobody seems to understand that the days of poodle skirts and diners, or bright-colored leggings and workout classes were so much better, in your personal opinion. They put on their mainstream music and joke about dropping a mixtape. If you were born in the wrong decade, you'll totally answer "yes" to a few questions, and are probably wondering if time travel is real yet.

You'd love to jet-set to a different decade and see what the world was really like when Audrey Hepburn starred in the latest films. It's been a dream of yours to go to a music festival like Woodstock, or find a band as legendary as The Rolling Stones. But, so far, nothing has quite compared, and you're pretty disappointed. Some things are just meant for our dreams, huh?

Your friends know, though, that you'll always fall head over heels for a vintage Coach backpack, and will take a Polaroid camera with you wherever you go. They've gotten use to your old-fashioned sense of humor, and try their best to keep up when you go thrift shopping. When you're asked these seven questions, you say "yes" without hesitation. Truth is, you should've been born in a different decade, so the struggle can be real.

Do You Like Vintage Clothes?

You're probably a pro at thrift shopping if you can answer "yes" to this question. In fact, all of your friends always rave about how fashionable you look even on the most average of afternoons. They go shopping with you, and don't quite understand when you pull a vintage jacket off the rack and are really excited because it's so rare. Honestly, movies like Clueless are your style inspiration and you would never be caught wearing a crop top, unless it was paired with some high-waisted mom jeans just like Rachel Green from Friends.

Do You Hate The Modern Dating Scene?

Real talk: Modern dating is truly the worst. Personally, I've never been a major fan of online dating. If you're answering "yes" to this question, you're likely barfing over the idea of finding bae through a screen, too.

Even if you don't go the route of technology, it's like no one goes on real dates anymore. You would love to be dancing in the street, kissing on Ferris wheels, and having romantic dinners at a fancy restaurant. You'd fall head over heels if a crush held doors open for you, and made a mixtape with your favorite songs. Seriously, let's take some tips from Allie and Noah, OK?

Do You Own A Polaroid Camera?

At the pool party, you're the one with the Polaroid camera. All of your friends are snapping sweet pictures for social media on their iPhones, and you're shaking a piece of film until the colors are much more saturated. You just love being able to hold a physical photo in your hand, and don't mind waiting a few seconds for the image to develop.

On your wedding day, you'll probably be the bride who puts disposable cameras on every table for guests to take pictures of their own. Why is everything so instant now? To you, looking through the lens is an experience pretty close to time travel.

Are You Not A Fan Of Mainstream Music?

Mainstream music just isn't your thing if you truly belong in a different decade. You've spent hours of your life scrolling through the radio stations in you car and trying to get on board with the latest pop albums. You always end up listening to The Beatles, though, or turning on those tunes that transport you back in time.

If somebody gave you a ticket to a classic rock concert, you'd go in a heartbeat. In fact, you probably have a few vintage band tees or records hanging around in your room. You've bought vinyl, and have playlists dedicated to '80s pop music. Girl, just put your headphones in and know you're doing it so right.

Do You Like Old-School Films?

Movie marathons with your besties always include at least one old-school film, per your request. At this point, they're just used to it, and have probably even bought you a few DVDs of your favorites over the years.

If you're saying "yes" to this question, then you've probably idolized Audrey Hepburn, and know every line to Casablanca or It's A Wonderful Life. Any time you watch a red carpet event, you dream about what Old Hollywood must have been like when it was all about lights, camera, and action. Nowadays, you're tired of the remakes to the originals.

Do You Hate The Latest Technology?

You'd really rather leave the latest technology in this decade and take yourself to a different time. Between your laptop, camera, phone, and Kindle, it's incredibly hard to keep up. There's always some kind of update that needs to be done. Your group chats are always overflowing with messages, especially when you're trying to make plans. At the end of the day, you can't help but say, "phew," and take a giant sigh of relief.

Your friends have gotten used to the fact that you'll likely call them instead of text. Honestly, if you didn't need it to survive in the modern world, you'd probably ditch your cell altogether. Are flip phones still in style?

Do You Like Going Dancing?

On a Saturday night, you just want to go dancing. Your friends are always so excited to get to the club, or hit up the usual bar scene. But, you're so drained by the strobe lights. Not to mention, that kind of music isn't your style, anyway.

You'd rather go to a hip joint where you can dance until dawn and let your worries wash away. You get all of your moves from movies like Dirty Dancing, and probably wouldn't mind trying that iconic lift at least once in your lifetime.

This probably isn't your friends' first choice, but that's just how you know you belong in a different decade. Ugh, hang in there until they invent time travel. You're so not the only one.