Why The Bond With Your Sorority Sisters Is The Greatest Takeaway From College

They're your soul sisters. Whether you've already graduated college, or are living your best life during senior year, it's quite clear that college gives you a whole lot. There are your roommates who you seriously couldn't live without (or live with at times, for that matter), and the textbooks that you probably didn't need to buy, but are now stuck with somehow. Yes, you're leaving with so many memories, and if you're a part of a sorority, you know that you've got forever to look forward to. The bond with your sorority sisters is the greatest takeaway you'll get from college. And, if you're lucky enough to know what I'm talking about, you'll so relate to these reasons.

Our friends are the family we choose. Going to college, you probably got assigned a roommate freshman year, and had to take all those general education classes for the first semester. Not much was left up to you it seemed, and joining a sorority gave you a whole group of people to hang with.

At first glance, it was probably incredibly intimidating. Recruitment weekend was draining, but the experience most likely left you with some of the best friendships. Nothing bonds two people like navigating college firsts, difficult professors, finding your favorite social spots, and getting through midterms and finals together. You loved how this whole thing made a large campus feel smaller. You got your big sister, and real role models. It's no wonder why being part of a sorority is not just for four years, and actually for life.

You May Help Each Other Land A Dream Job

The most stressful thing after graduation is entering this thing called the "real world." Now, I don't know who decided to put all that added stress on graduation and learning to adult, but I don't particularly appreciate it. But, I also have my sorority sisters to thank for teaching me the ropes.

Job searching can be a struggle, and it might be months until you land something even remotely close to what you're looking for. The unbreakable bond with your sisters, though, will help you navigate the industry and maybe even get you a foot in the door. After all, they say it's all about who you know, and you have a group of girls that have connections into almost anything.

You Travel Together

Your sorority sisters make the best travel buddies. Some of you might have studied abroad together (Living in a new country was also much less intimidating with them by your side), or maybe you took an amazing spring break vacation together. Even in the post-grad life, you'll still have these adventures, and they'll be the first ones you call to check some things off your bucket list.

My big sister and one of my best friends from college, in particular, are some of my favorite people to travel with. They're artsy and always willing to try something new. And odds are, since you picked your sorority and they chose you, your travel people will have the same passions just like that, too.

You Find Ways To Get Together, No Matter Where You Are In The World

No matter where you are in the world, you'll still manage to see your sorority sisters. That's how you really know this whole thing was real, because no matter what, they're still showing up in your life. In college, they'd hit you up to get curly fries at the local diner or walk across the hall for a slumber party. You can't quite be as spontaneous now, but otherwise, nothing has really changed.

Maybe you planned to meet for a day in the city, or are just catching up while you're visiting your college for an alumni weekend. Graduation is most definitely not a goodbye either way, and it's nice to know you always have their faces to look forward to.

You Always Support Each Other

Wherever you are in the world, you're still sending your sorority sisters a thumbs up way past graduation. You're leaving school and semesters behind, but the girls you made such a bond with continue with you forever. Whether it's a small accomplishment, a struggle you're going through, or something big like getting engaged -- your girls will be sure to give you a shoutout on social media or send you a thoughtful text, at the very least.

It's actually kind of amazing to see that you still have so many people rooting for you. Sure, you might not all be facing midterms together anymore, but life still has a lot of curve balls to come. And it's always good to know you left college with the strongest support system.

You Are Each Other's Bridesmaids

Your bridal party will for sure at least have your big sister or little sister. Especially if you don't have a real sister of your own, this girl has sort of taken a special place beyond just your sorority family. She'll be one of the people you take dress shopping with you, and probably helped your significant other pick out the right ring. She might even help plan your bachelorette party, because nobody quite understands your brain and what you like more than her.

Next to graduating college, landing your dream job and all of those other real world milestones -- your wedding day has been something you've been imagining since you were little. You never thought you'd become so close with a group of amazing girls, and probably didn't even know what a sorority was in second grade. But, oh boy, are you happy that forever bond landed you with the best bridesmaids.

You Are Forever Friends

"Best friends forever" takes on a whole new meaning with your sorority sisters. When you first joined, they were sure to tell you that this bond wasn't just for four years, and once you graduate, you realize they're really not wrong. There's something truly special about friendships that you'll always have, and also something so comforting.

These are the girls you can go to any time of the day with your wildest problems, and will lend a listening ear just because they unconditionally care. Sure, you're not going to keep every single one of your college friends forever and some will inevitably fade. But, your sorority sisters will stick close and one day you'll be passing down the legacy to your daughters, just the same.

You Have All The Memories You Made

Seriously, have I mentioned that this is a forever sort of thing yet? You and your sorority sisters were originally bonded over having the same values, passions, and maybe even dreams. It's that foundation that makes these friendships so strong for life. They chose you, and you chose them -- and that's enough to carry you through all the experiences and memories to come, together.

Every time you see each other you'll find yourselves getting nostalgic over all the memories you made in college. The recruitment weekends, the bid days, and the big and little reveals will be moments you want to relive way more than the hours spent eating takeout in the library during midterms. Although, the lazy days you'll cherish just the same. Pinky promise.

College is just four or so years, but the bond you have with your sisters is truly the best thing you take with you far beyond graduation. Except for maybe a diploma -- that's part of why we went to college in the first place, right?