Here's Everything Bachelor Nation Knows About The Next Season Of 'Paradise'

ABC/Paul Hebert

The devil works hard, but the team working on the transition from The Bachelor to The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise works harder. ICYMI, the new Bachelorette begins filming her season almost immediately after she's announced on the "After the Final Rose" special, and the minds behind casting will already be scanning her contestants for Paradise contenders. The men of Paradise are still a mystery, but who will be on Bachelor in Paradise from Colton's season? We can safely assume that a majority of his contestants will hit the beach this summer.

There's no rhyme or reason to Paradise casting, and as past years have demonstrated, we can always expect a few surprise contestants from several seasons back. However, a large portion of the cast always comes from the most recent Bachelor and Bachelorette groups, which makes total sense. We're already invested in these people from months of watching them on TV, and their personalities and backstories are fresh in our minds. Given the amount of feuds that boiled over on this season's "Women Tell All" special, ABC would be wise to enlist most of Colton's Bachelor women to deliver Paradise drama this summer.

Firstly, Demi, this year's "villian," fills the Paradise quota for a popular, quotable contestant who is as susceptible to shenanigans as she is to romance. Between Corinne Olympios' post-scandal exit on Season 4 of Paradise and Bekah Martinez turning down a Season 5 slot because she had a boyfriend, we haven't really had this kind of contestant on the show in a while. Unless something unforeseen happens, the chances that Demi entertains us on the new Paradise season are pretty high.

Chris Harrison teased on "Women Tell All" that we would see Demi in the future, and although she still has an eye on the Bachelorette gig, Demi is definitely open to Paradise. Harrison wasn't as direct about any of the other women's Paradise positions, but following Demi's pacifier feud with Courtney at "Women Tell All," it's hard not to believe that the 23-year-old caterer will join her in Mexico. Contestants Onyeka and Nicole also rehashed their Bachelor disagreement about bullying on the reunion show, making both of them memorable in fans' eyes. A chance to find love on Paradise would totally tempt Nicole away from her endless supply of Halo Top ice cream, right?

Along with some less popular contestants who left the show midway through the season, the Paradise group is also likely to consist of some of Colton's frontrunners.

Fans still hopeful for Hannah B. and Caelynn to spill the real tea about their pageant past are probably out of luck. The chances of the beauty queens reuniting in Paradise are on the slimmer side, as Caelynn's fourth-place finish and Hannah's personality make them top contenders for being the next Bachelorette. Whoever isn't pulling up to the Bachelor Mansion in a limo soon will likely set her eyes on Bachelor in Paradise.

Remaining Bachelor contestants Hannah G. and Tayshia, as well as last-minute heartbreaker Cassie, are in the same position. Whoever doesn't end up in a relationship with Colton or become the Bachelorette would definitely enjoy a lot of attention in Paradise.

Based on the dates of past announcements, the official cast list for Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise is expected to hit the internet sometime in June. By then, we'll know more about the new Bachelorette's men and what personality mashups could potentially lead to a dream match on the spinoff series. After seeing via "Women Tell All" what the summer has in store for Bachelor Nation, I'll be counting down the days until we're in Paradise.

Season 23 of The Bachelor returns on Monday, March 11, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The season finale airs on Tuesday, March 12.