Here's What Everyone Should Know About Jay Laurent

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Courtesy of BH Clubhouse on YouTube

There are many different components to Daisy Keech's clubhouse. Everyone in the house has their own niche and each member of the TikTok collective plays an important role. If you're wondering who Jay Laurent is, you'll be happy to learn he's clubhouse's super popular coordinator who already has a huge social media following of his own.

UPDATE: While Laurent took a brief break from clubhouse, as of Aug. 25, he is once again affiliated with the TikTok collective.

BEFORE: The 10 key members of clubhouse — Laurent, Keech, Chase Keith, Abby Rao, Mariana Morais, Pedro Pertile, Leslie Golden, Isaak Presley, Charly Jordan, and Kinsey Wolanski — joined forces in April 2020 to make the collective possible. While some even moved into their shared Beverly Hills' mansion, all members have since been hard at work. In a matter of weeks, clubhouse released 12 YouTube videos (where they have 32,000 subscribers) and countless TikTok videos, with no end in sight for their ongoing original content.

Fans could tell from the collective's "Welcome to the Clubhouse" YouTube video on April 5 how dedicated Laurent is to making his mark on social media. Laurent expressed his excitement and showed off just how enthusiastic he is about his role.

1. He Stays Semi-Private

Despite being an internet sensation, Laurent keeps his Instagram private, seemingly in an attempt to keep some of his personal life, well, personal.

2. He's a "director on the rise."

Prior to his clubhouse gig, Laurent was a film producer and music video director featured on Kazi Magazine's website. According to the website, he's a "visionary for his catchy shorts on social media and current promotional campaign."

3. He's No Stranger to Los Angeles

Laurent is a native of Los Angeles, likely contributing to his love for the entertainment industry. Before clubhouse, Laurent was already a social media influencer with 278,000 followers on Instagram.

4. He's Got Great Work Ethic

On his website, Laurent says he thrives "on creative challenges" and enjoys "building strong relationships along the way." Those challenges have helped him successfully direct a number of music videos, which can also be found on his website.

Laurent has had brand partnerships with Fashion Nova, Dope Clothing, Petals and Peacocks, Beverly Hills Magazine, and many more.

5. He's Making Moves

According to his Instagram bio, he's also working with the TikTok collective's sister house, clubhouse next. Clubhouse next features up-and-coming TikTokers and it seems Laurent will help direct videos for the collective as well.

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