The Hype House Vs. The Clubhouse

These Photos Of The Hype House Vs. The Clubhouse Are So, So Different


There are three types of people on TikTok: (1) those who just watch other users' content, (2) those who create content for others to watch, and (3) those who make TikToks in a ritzy mansion they share with other influencers. When it comes to that third breed, the biggest TikTok mansions are the Hype House and the newly founded clubhouse. Each residence is home to some of the most popular creators on the platform. Former Hype House member Daisy Keech even founded clubhouse, so fans can't help but compare them. They're both super extravagant, but these photos of the Hype House compared to clubhouse do highlight a few not-so-minor differences.

When you have so many people staying in the same house, it's natural that some drama will go down, and that's exactly what happened with the Hype House. On March 28, Keech released a video claiming Petrou didn't give her credit for cofounding the collective and cut her out of discussions about major opportunities for the team. Petrou's reps did not respond to Elite Daily's previous request for comment on Keech's claims.

In the end, Keech left the Hype House and cofounded clubhouse with her best friend Abby Rao, and invited Chase Keith and Kinsey Wolanski to be members. Although clubhouse doesn't yet have as many members as the Hype House, which boasts 19 creators, it's well on its way to becoming just as successful.

Apart from its members, the Hype House and clubhouse differ in other ways, too — like the mansions themselves. Luckily, when a new social media collective is born, the first thing they do is give video tours of their posh digs.

Here's a tour of the Hype House:

And here's Keech's tour of clubhouse.

Now, here are five major differences between the two homes.

1. The Entrances

From the very start of the groups' house tours, you can already tell their mansions are very different. The Hype House has a more traditional-looking foyer with beige walls and stairwells, while clubhouse is more modern with its textured walls, fancy glass stairwells, and colorful accent walls.


2. The Bathrooms

The traditional vs. modern vibe is also super clear in their bathrooms. The Hype House has a sink with marble counter tops, along with a huge mirror, while clubhouse has a porcelain, white sink and a small mirror.

Additionally, because the Hype House occasionally uses their bathroom to film TikToks, Hudson and Petrou decked their mirror out with lights all over, making it the ultimate vanity. Maybe clubhouse will steal that idea in the future because it is quite literally lit.


3. The Living Rooms

The Hype House is home to nearly 20 creators, so its living room is sparsely furnished to make room for all the action that goes down there.

The clubhouse family, on the other hand, is still settling into their new home. Right now, the living room is decked out with tons of modern art and couches adorned with gorgeous throw pillows. Fans can expect their common area to get more lively as more people move in.


4. The Pools

Both homes have massive backyard areas perfect for having friends over. But while the Hype House has an underground pool and a bar fence to enclose the house, clubhouse's pool is above ground and their backyard has a sleek glass fence surrounding it.


5. The Entertainment

It seems both friendship groups have similar tastes in how to entertain themselves. The Hype house has a projector in one of their rooms to serve as their home theater, while clubhouse has an actual home theater, complete with rows of recliners that give you massages.


Both homes are luxurious and they both give off their own vibe. But, as for which one is better, the on Twitter, the consensus seems to be team clubhouse — purely based on interior design.