Daisy Keech Officially Launched Her Own TikTok House & It's Already So Hype

Courtesy of Daisy Keech's YouTube

Daisy Keech wasted no time channeling her newfound inner boss babe. Days after Keech revealed she left The Hype House after butting heads with fellow co-founders Chase Hudson (aka, Lil Huddy) and Thomas Petrou over her stake in the house, Keech shared her latest business venture. Daisy Keech's new TikTok house, the clubhouse, is full of talent and already has a massive following.

Keech posted a lengthy YouTube video on Saturday, March 28, that detailed her falling out with Petrou, whom she claims manipulated the world into thinking he and Hudson were the only co-founders of The Hype House. Keech revealed that despite putting down an $18,000 deposit for the Los Angeles mansion and helping bring the idea for the collective to life, she was left out of press opportunities and brand deals. The rift ultimately led Keech to leave Hype House. Elite Daily reached out to Hudson and Petrou's teams previously about Keech's claims, but did not hear back.

Now that Keech has her creative freedom back, she's taking business into her own hands. On Monday, March 30, Keech announced her new TikTok collective, the clubhouse, which is co-founded by her BFF Abby Rao, and includes members Chase Keith and Kinsey Wolanski.

On top of that, Keech gave fans a YouTube tour of The Clubhouse mansion, and it's absolutely stunning. Check it out below.

The clubhouse already has 123,000 Instagram followers, and over 200,000 TikTok followers.

Keech fans are already familiar with Rao, who is often featured in Keech's Instagram pictures and videos. But she's pretty Instagram famous already on her own, boasting 1.5 million followers on the 'gram.

As for Keith, he is a popular model and actor, who has more than 4.5 million TikTok followers.

Wolanski, meanwhile, brings with her a huge following from her popular YouTube page, where she currently has over 81,000 subscribers.

Keech is confident in the lessons she learned from her time in Hype House and ready to put her business skills to good use with her new collective. From the looks of it, the clubhouse members are already having a blast together.