Daisy Keech Quit Clubhouse & She Got Real About The Reason Why

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Daisy Keech has had a rollercoaster year and it's barely August. After officially quitting the Hype House in March 2020, Keech founded the clubhouse later that same month in order to give herself and other content creators the opportunity to grow creatively. Less than five months after starting the collective, the social media star revealed she planned to step back, which left fans wondering: Why did Daisy Keech quit clubhouse? Her reasons are about personal growth.

Keech left Hype House after a falling out with co-founders Chase (Lil Huddy) Hudson and Thomas Petrou regarding her stake in the TikTok collective. When she started clubhouse, it seemed Keech was ready to put the drama of the Hype House behind her and begin a brand new chapter in her content-creating life.

"A huge lesson i have learned is to stay true to yourself, have pure intentions, and your people will follow," Keech explained in an April 3 Instagram post shortly after starting clubhouse. "I’ve also learned to accept that not everyone will have the same mindset as you, and i’ve recognized the beauty in that."

While it appeared Keech was happy as can be with her clubhouse crew, she announced in a YouTube video on Aug. 4 that it was time for yet another shakeup. This time, Keech's exit comes without the drama, though.

“The reason I’m moving out is that I really need to focus on myself and my own brand that I truly want to build,” Keech said. “I’ve just been thinking, like, what’s my passion in life? Like, what makes me happy?”

Keech shared that she did some soul searching after she moved out of the Los Angeles home the clubhouse members shared. “As I was looking for homes, I was like, ‘Wow, I would love to start buying homes and renovating them,’” she said. “For me, the whole interior design, and making the outside super aesthetic and pretty, like, that feeds something in my soul, and I really feel like I need to listen to that."

Keech added that she plans to focus on her Keech Peach fitness brand, and is coming out with a bikini line of her own as well. It's not just Keech who hopes to branch out in the near future, either. She revealed that the other members of clubhouse are all working on really cool projects of their own, including co-founder Abby Rao, who also recently announced she left the collective.

Keech concluded her video clarifying that there are no hard feelings between any clubhouse members, and the brand will still move forward with helping other content creators expand their following. "Everything is ending on such a positive note," Keech shared. "I'm so, so grateful for all the experiences I have had."

It's safe to say she won't be gone for too long, though, because Keech plans to continue collabing with her clubhouse pals, despite not being a live-in member of the collective.