Fashion Nova's "Kylie" Page On Their Site Gives You Everything Kylie Jenner's Worn From The Brand

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Do you love the Kardashian-Jenner sisters' style to the point that you wish you could copy it every day? Then you, my friend, are in luck. Thanks to Kylie Jenner's Fashion Nova page, which chronicles everything the beauty mogul has ever worn by the brand, you're able to shop her exact aesthetic in the breeziest way ever. And when I say "shop," I don't mean look longingly at pieces that cost $10,000, only to know you'll never be able to actual afford them. While Jenner, a self-made billionaire, often wears designer clothes that are extremely out of reach for most of us, all of her Fashion Nova pieces are actually attainable—in their case, "shop" actually means buy.

You're undoubtedly more than aware by now that Fashion Nova is a favorite of many celebrities including Jenner, her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, Cardi B, and more. Cardi even went so far as to design a collection for the retailer last year, which sold out in hours. While yes, they're clearly paid ambassadors of the brand, they've also attached their name to it and in a time when image is everything, this can only be taken as a stamp of approval. If you look at how Jenner styles the clothes and how seamlessly they fit into her typical look, it makes total sense she'd want to rep their brand.

Remember that fuzzy pink crop top and jeans ensemble Jenner wore in an Instagram post last week? That was Fashion Nova. Both pieces, along with 22 others, can be shopped on the retailer's "Kylie" page, or you can shop six of the best picks below.

Cold Shoulders

This oatmeal sweater dress looks as cozy as it does cute. The off-the-shoulder neckline gives it a slightly Bardot feel while the buttons and casual knit material give it a down to earth feel. You could dress this up or wear it with sneakers effortlessly.

Track Star

This is a whole new take on the Juicy Couture Tracksuit that pretty much defined the early 2000s, and I think it might trump its predecessor. A velour one-piece, it takes all the stress out of picking out an outfit in the morning and is undoubtedly comfy AF.

Crop To It

Clearly Jenner likes all things comfy! This knit gray hoodie is athleisure wear at its best. Pair it with high waisted anything and some cool sneakers and it'll look ace.


The most simple (and affordable) LBD you'll ever find. As shown above, pairing it with slick lace-up heels and a sleek ponytail can go a long way.

Denim Day

Because everyone needs a pair of go-to high-waisted skinny blue jeans.

Tie The Knot

If you've got an extra special event that's not a wedding coming up, consider this knotted white dress. Thanks to its low neckline and high leg slit, it'll bring the sexiness and the drama. The twisted waist adds a nice detail and would pair perfectly with a delicate drop necklace.