Half Of The Cast Went Home On 'Bachelor Winter Games,' So Things Are Getting Serious

by Laura Rizzo

The first season of Bachelor Winter Games is already 75 percent complete, and it seems like it's ending faster than it started. With one more episode left, tensions are running high in the house. Aside from nerves, real relationships have formed among the contestants, and they're getting stronger every episode. Unfortunately, not everyone made a connection and big cuts were made. Who went home on Bachelor Winter Games Night 3? You may be surprised.

Fans said goodbye to Australian-bred Tiffany, America's sweetheart Ben Higgins, Michael, and fan-favorite Yuki. All four contestants left on their own after not making a romantic connection with the rest of the cast members. Clare and Christian also said goodbye when they couldn't quite light the spark in their relationship. Finally, after the kissing competition, Josiah and Ally didn't make the cut and were sent packing. AWKWARD. All in all, eight contestants went home and it was surprising.

The episode started with a friendly downhill skiing competition. The contestants were challenged to weave through a few obstacles while skiing downhill. Dean got the fastest time of all the guys and Lesley was the speediest of all the women. Since they are already a couple, the two had an extra date card to give away.

They ended up giving their precious date card to Ashley I. and Kevin. If you follow any of these people on Instagram, you know Ashley and Dean are close friends so this was kind of obvious. Ashley I. and Kevin got some much needed alone time where they talked about her virginity and then did some pottery. The entire Bachelor franchise at this point knows that Ashley I. is a virgin, and Kevin didn't seem bothered at all about it. The two finished their date by learning how to mold clay on a potter's wheel and had a steamy make out session that was very Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost inspired.

Lesley and Dean also had a great one-on-one date with lots of chatting about their future. They're a solid couple, so there's not much to report there.

After all those romantic connections, it was time to focus on who wasn't connecting. Tiffany was the first to pack up and leave when she determined that she wasn't vibing with anyone. This inspired Ben to do the same, followed by Michael and Yuki. There were a lot of tears shed, but it was definitely for the best. Things move fast in the Winter Games.

It was then announced that there was going to be a kissing competition judged by Arie, JoJo Fletcher, and Rachel Lindsay. This was very bad news to Clare and Christian who were having problems connecting physically. After some bumpy tries at making something happen, the two determined it wasn't going to work and left the show. Below is an example of an awkward miscommunication the two had during their time on Winter Games.

Ah, memories. Finally, that left the kissing competition. Each couple gave it their all (and their tongue) for a coveted spot in the Winter Games finale. Ashley and Kevin won with their steamy make out sesh, but Josiah and Ally were sent home after a half-hearted delivery. Ally did throw up right beforehand, so it didn't seem like it was in the stars for them.

Episode 3 had some major losses, but it seems like every week delivers a punch to the stomach. We lost one of the sweetest contestants, Benoit, during Episode 2.

Benoit chose to leave the competition when Clare failed to make a decision between dating him or Bachelorette Germany alum Christian. Although there were a lot of tears shed over his departure, it doesn't seem like there's any bad blood between Benoit and Clare.

I’m so glad I met so many good friends from cast to the crew... but more especially, a wonderful woman in [Clare Crawley]. You know that there is a lot of editing and there are a lot of talks that you guys missed. I have so much respect for her and that is why I left the show thinking that she deserves the best because she is the best.

As we saw in Episode 3, many contestants are leaving Winter Games by their own free will. I'm sure Episode 4 will bring some surprises, as well. Don't miss the finale on Feb. 22 where a couple will be crowned the first official winners of Bachelor Winter Games.

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