Wet N Wild's Halloween Collection Is Filled With Costume Essentials, & Nothing Costs Over $7

Wet N Wild

Halloween marks a time for scary stories, pumpkins, and Jack-O-Lanterns, but for beauty-lovers, it also marks the annual launch of one beloved drugstore beauty brand's Fantasy Makers Collection. If you know what I'm talking about, then let's dive right into where to get Wet N Wild's Halloween 2019 Collection! This year's drop features tons of fun palettes, a few color-changing formulas, face gems, stencils, and more, so it's safe to say there's a lot going on, in true Wet N Wild fashion.

Drugstore beauty fans patiently wait for the Fantasy Makers Collection every year, because let's be real, no one likes to splurge on makeup for a wear-it-once Halloween costume. Wet N Wild has incredible quality products and affordable prices year-round, so of course they're the go-to brand for all things Halloween, too! The stars of the lineup this year are undoubtedly the black-to-pink, color-changing formulas, including the Fantasy Makers Color Icon Shade Shifting Blush ($6, in three spooky shades. The boldest is "Zombie Blush," and in the pan it appears jet black. As you swipe it onto cheeks, though, the formula transforms into your perfect pink, thanks to pH level reaction technology. How cool is that?

The resulting pink is so pretty, you'll wear it long after October has come and gone:

If you are looking for some spooky cheekbones, though, the Fantasy Makers MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in "Not Your Basic Witch" ($6, is real-deal black! If you prefer a more traditional highlighter, shade "Caught In Your Web" is a stunning, sparkly silver.

This shimmery shade is not for the faint of heart, y'all:

Moving right along, this year's collection includes all kinds of palettes, from creams to shadows to glitters. Stocking up on one or two in the color story of your costume makes crafting a look on October 31 so much easier.

First up are the Fantasy Makers 10 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes ($6,, available in four fun colorways:

But if you prefer creams, the Fantasy Makers Paint Palette ($6,, available in four shades, will suit you best:

And finally, what costume doesn't benefit from a little glitter? There are four shades of Fantasy Makers Glitter Palettes ($4,

Moving right along, if Euphoria made one thing cool this year, it's face gems, so of course Wet N Wild had to bless us with some great ones.

The Fantasy Makers Face Gem Mask in "Alien Babe" ($4, looks way more expensive than it is, IMHO:

But if you'd rather DIY a design yourself, get creative with the solo rhinestones from the Fantasy Makers Face Gems ($4,

Or, play with a stencil! The Fantasy Makers Face & Body Stencil in "Cosmic Cutie" ($2, is my personal favorite:

Y'all, I really can't wrap my head around how great these prices are. In fact, there's nothing over $7, period! To shop the entire Fantasy Makers 2019 collection and stock up before October 31 rolls around, check out the Wet N Wild website now.