These Makeup Tutorials Are All You Need For A Very 'Euphoria' Halloween

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IDK about you, but I'm 100% using this Halloween as an excuse to cover my face in rhinestones and glitter à la the ladies of Euphoria. I can't think of a better costume for which to go full glam! If you feel the same and are in need of a little how-to, look no further than these Euphoria makeup tutorials for Halloween 2019, which will help you channel all your fave looks, from Maddi's go-to face jewels to Jules' creative cloud liner. As for Rue's glitter tears? Girl, just grab some sparkles and slather them on like concealer. That's the show's most easily replicated glam, for sure, but for the other looks, I highly recommend watching a tutorial or two before you try them out at home.

Maddy's Glam Gems

As a self-proclaimed huge Maddy Perez fan, her looks are the first to come to mind when I picture Euphoria glam. Think rhinestones, pearls, chains, and lots of liner — and for Halloween, you can channel one of Maddy's exact looks or get creative with a similar approach plus your own unique spin on it. In YouTuber Carli Bybel's Euphoria-inspired makeup tutorial video, Bybel tries out two different kinds of Maddy-inspired eyes.

First, she creates a cat-eye shape with press-on pearls, a fairly easy-to-mimic Maddy move:

But then, she uses lash glue to attach a teeny-tiny gold chain to her lids in a liner-like fashion, which is by far the more bold of the two looks:

Peep the full video below for in-depth tutorials on each:

Bybel used something similar to the Bead Landing Mini Drawn Cable Chain in "Gold" ($3,, but I highly suggest selecting a chain in person to ensure it's not too thick or heavy:

Moving right along, my girl Lee from @PrettyWithLee pulled a major Maddy move with this Euphoria-inspired glam that quite literally stopped me mid-scroll. Rather than limit her use of gems to the eyes, Lee incorporated rhinestones onto the sides of her face as well as the front of her hairline. Now that's how you make a look your own, people!

This look is it, y'all. Maddy would approve:

Lee gives a more in-depth look at the process via Instagram TV:

Because I, too, have dabbled in Euphoria glam at home, I highly recommend the Rhinestone Self-Adhesive Face Gems ($9, for Maddy-inspired lewks. They come with 4,125 gems in 25 colors and three sizes:

Jules' Playful Eyes

While Maddi is all dark liner and sharp edges, Jules' looks lean into color and curves to make an impact. She wears a lot of pastel and watercolor tones on the eyes, but one of her most memorable looks from Season 1 of Euphoria was a simple yet unexpected cloud-shaped liner moment. A white eyeliner was used on both the inner and outer thirds of the eye to create the shape of a cloud, and while not overly difficult to replicate, the look itself is beyond creative.

Beauty Instagrammer Vanessa of @cutcreaser posted this fab replication, further convincing me to give this look a go:

In her tutorial, Vanessa utilized a white gel liner to create the cloud-like shape, first dotting out a plan before creating the lines:

Need a white gel liner? Personally, the Tarte Cosmetics Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liner in "White" ($14, originally $21, has always been a fave:

If you're more into Jules' brighter eye looks, Vanessa has also replicated her fiery red smoky eye. This is one of Jules' darkest looks in Season 1, but the soft blend still keeps it from looking too harsh. Remember when you used to worry red eyeshadows would make you look like you had pink eye? Yeah, that fear is long gone now, and over-the-top eyes are here to stay.

TBH, this look might be my favorite of them all:

Honestly, this would also be pretty cute for a devil costume. We love a multi-use tutorial!

I can't think of a better set of shadows for this look than the Melt Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette Stack in "Baby Girl" ($58,

Not seeing the exact glam that caught your eye during your favorite Euphoria scene? With Halloween nearing, there are tons more tutorials like these all over YouTube and Instagram, so don't be afraid to explore some hashtags while you dive into your makeup collection and create the right look. If the Euphoria gang could supposedly achieve these detailed eye makeup looks on the daily before high school first period, then you can definitely master at least one by Oct. 31. And remember, practice makes perfect!

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