The Summer Fridays CC Me Serum Claims To Be So Brightening, You'll Ditch Filters For Good

Summer Fridays has been a damn good face mask brand for over a year now, and with their latest launch, it seems they've decided to expand and become a good skincare brand overall. If you've seen the hype on Instagram, you're no doubt wondering where to get the Summer Fridays CC Me Serum, the brand's very first non-mask product, and in turn, their very first serum. From the chic packaging to the list of all-star ingredients, it looks like Summer Fridays could have another top-seller on their hands — one that will remain a skincare routine staple long after this summer's Fridays actually end. Let's not talk about summer ending, though, K?

All 3 of Summer Fridays's face masks (Jet Lag, Overtime, and R+R) come packaged in a uniquely colored tubes, and the brand's promo images and Instagram feed always aligned with a specific product's colorway for as long as it remained the newest. So, when I noticed the Summer Fridays Instagram take a subtle shift from dusty rose (R+R's signature shade) to refreshing orange, I knew something new was on its way.

Based on the orange in the post, I knew right away the new product would be based in vitamin C, a skincare savior for lightening scars and brightening skin overall:

And then, there it was. The CC Me Serum ($64,, packaged not in an orange tube (That's Overtime's thing!), but in a white bottle with a peachy pink label:

At first, I assumed the "CC" in the name referenced CC creams, or sheer tinted moisturizers that help perfect the look of skin. Then, I thought of the requst to "CC me," something I often ask co-workers when emailing. Finally, I realized the two Cs represented not one, but two forms of vitamin C, both of which are included the formula to help with hyperpigmentation, scarring, dark spots, and general complexion dullness.

Given that the brand's three masks are fan favorites, it's safe to say this serum had a lot of hype to live up to:

In addition to two forms of vitamin C, the formula also contains moisturizing Squalane, a peptide complex to enhance elasticity and firmness, and a botanical cocktail of antioxidants, including coffee, green tea, clove, and fruit and flower extracts, to combat inflammation,

The result? Skin good enough to go filter-free:

With pretty much every brand on the market dropping a vitamin C serum this year, Summer Friday's choice to double up on the powerhouse vitamin and couple it with moisturizing squalane certainly makes their version stand out. And, obvi, the cute packaging doesn't hurt, either! To cop the CC Serum, you can shop it online at Sephora as well as on the Summer Fridays website, or wait until it hits Sephora stores on September 9. BTW, shoppers to the SF site can snag a free tie-dye tee with their CC Me purchase right now, so if you aren't dead-set on placing a huge Sephora order, the brand's site might be the move. Grab a Jet Lag Mask while you're there; you won't regret it.