This Girlboss-Inspired Nailpolish Collection Features Shades Named For Your Favorite Female Founders

Courtesy of Olive & June

Typically, I'm the kind of gal that chooses her mani color based on the name. Anybody else gravitate towards polishes with names that stick, regardless of the actual shades? If so, you'll definitely want to find out where to get the Olive & June Hustle Nailpolish Collection, and if not, I guarantee you'll still want in, because the shades themselves are chic AF. All six polishes are named after and inspired by real-life girlbosses and female entreprenurs who also happen to be fans of the brand, and I can't wait to Insta-stalk them all while I wait for my manicure to dry. Talk about multitasking.

If you don't know, Olive & June is a celeb fave nail brand with salons across California, run by its very own girlboss leader, Sarah Tuttle. (I hate to say ~girlboss~ when talking about bright, powerful women, but ~womenboss~ just doesn't have the same ring to it, so bear with me in the name of convenience!) Tuttle is one of many female entrepreneurs who found success over the past few years by way of hard work and awesome products, and her curated nailpolish collections always have the prettiest and most long-lasting shades. Rather than humble brag about herself, though, she's decided to drop a line of polishes celebrating other ladies who are killing it. How bomb is that?

Meet Hustle collection, complete with six long-lasting shades that work as hard as the ladies they're named after:

Courtesy of Olive & June

Before we talk about who's who, let's talk about the polish formula itself. It's good, yall. Like, really good. And to prove it, Olive & June even tested its mani longevity by way of a Mani Marathon, a competition to see how long users could go chip-free. The longest-lasting mani stood strong a whopping 16 days with no chips — considering my go-to polish typically chips in the first few days of wear, I've obviously begun the process of switching over to Olive & June. BTW, the polishes are also 7-Free, meaning they're formulated without harmful ingredients including DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, and xylene.

Now, let's talk shades. First up is "ECC," a whitish grey:

Courtesy of Olive & June

"ECC" gets its initials from Erica Chidi Cohen CEO & Co-Founder of Loom:

Loom is a really unique organization that offers classes, services, and events that cater to various parenting and sex-related topics. From pregnancy and fertility to miscarriage and abortion, it provides resources and information with zero stigma. So awesome — and the neutral polish is just as great.

Next up is "RP," a gorg creamy taupe:

Courtesy of Olive & June

"RP" is named for Raina Penchansky, the CEO & Co-Founder of Digital Brand Architects:

Digital Brand Architects are known as the very first talent management company to focus primarily on representing social media influencers. How cool is that? They've worked with tons of big names you probably follow, like Aimee Song, Arielle Charnas, and Gabi Gregg.

Third in the lineup is "HZ," a pretty rose blush:

Courtesy of Olive & June

"HZ" is inspired by Heidi Zak, the CEO & Co-Founder Third Love:

If you aren't wearing a Third Love bra right now, then you'll at least recognize them from Zak's Open Letter To Victoria's Secret, in which she celebrated diversity and chastised VS for prioritizing the exact opposite. Zak rocks, Third Love rocks, and if you need a new bra, I highly recommend.

Next is "AW," an essential warm grey:

Courtesy of Olive & June

"AW" is named for Alli Webb, the Founder of Drybar:

A hairstylist one day and a female founder the next, Webb changed the blowout game forever when she created Drybar, a blow-dry-only styling salon. Paint a coat of "AW" on your nails and book yourself to a Drybar appointment for the ultimate "treat yourself" day.

Fifth in the range is rich berry "JG":

Courtesy of Olive & June

This one is named after Jen Gotch, the CCO & Founder of is one of the most colorful and positive brands around, and they sell everything from coffee tumblers to kitschy tote bags to cute clothes. If you haven't visited their site before now, fair warning: You'll definitely be placing an order.

Last but not least, the final shade is a deep bordeax called "SC":

Courtesy of Olive & June

This one's inspired by Sali Christeson, CEO & Founder of Argent:

How great would this nailpolish shade look contrasted by a hot pink Argent suit? Argent is a clothing line that creates stylish and functional work clothes, from bold suits to dress-them-up tees. If you're tryna dress like a girlboss yourself, it's time to invest in something by this brand.

And there you have it! It's safe to say these are some of Olive & June's best and most inspired shades to date:

How to shop, you ask? The Hustle Collection polishes went live today on the Olive & June website, where they retail for just $8 a pop. I know! Choose a hue inspired by your personal fave girlboss, and another named after a female founder you need to research ASAP. Or, support them all and buy all six shades — you can never have too many nailpolishes, after all.