Drybar & IT Cosmetics Just Collaborated On A Blowout-Inspired Mascara & Wow, It Looks Amazing

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Courtesy of QVC
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Don't get me wrong, I'm all about a good celebrity couple, but what's even more exciting is when two beauty brands I know and love couple up. Am I wrong for being more excited about a new product than I am about a newborn celeb baby? If that is wrong, then I don't want to be right, and if you feel the same, you're no doubt wondering where to get the Drybar x IT Cosmetics Lash Blowout Mascara, aka the product no one saw coming but we all now desperately want and need. IT Cosmetics have some of the best products in the biz (Not to mention my current favorite mascara!), and Drybar are masters of voluminous, lifted hair, so this feels like a match made in great lash heaven, if you ask me.

Thank heavens I follow QVC on Instagram, because had I not, I might've totally missed the announcement about this exclusive, iconic collaboration. For a little backstory, IT Cosmetics founder Jamie Kern Lima grew her brand to what it is today by putting in hours promoting it on the QVC television network, on which she regularly removed and reapplied her makeup to show how incredible her products truly were. It worked, and the brand has achieved massive success, with a best-selling CC Cream and tons of other products users swear by. On the other hand, hair stylist and Drybar founder Alli Webb was busy revolutionizing the blowout and bringing it into the 21 century with style. The blow-dry-only salon model was super innovative when the brand first debuted, and since then, they've branched into consumer goods as well, with hot tools and hair products just as desireable as their blowout appointments.

Finally, these two incredible brands are teaming up to drop something amazing:

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the IT Cosmetics Lash Blowout All Day-Lift & Salon Volume Mascara:

Courtesy of QVC

A long name, but there's a long list of fabulous claims to match! IT Cosmetics teamed up with Drybar to create the perfect lash blowout concoction, with tons of volumizing, lifting, and lengthening properties. The mascara's microsphere wand is inspired by the barrel brushes often used during blowouts, and it's meant to grab hold of each and every lash to ensure thorough application and major payoff. Sign 👏 Me 👏 Up 👏 ! IT Cosmetics already make my fave mascara, the Superhero Elastic StretchVolume Mascara ($24,, so I'm expecting great things.

The mascara is available in a duo set on the QVC site that retails for $30. If you were to buy two of these babies separately, you'd be dropping a cool $50, so the two-for-$30 kit is quite the steal:

We've talked about the wand, now let's discuss the formula itself. Available only in black, this mascara boasts skin-loving ingredients (It's IT Cosmetics, after all!) including biotin, vitamin E, collagen, jojoba oil, and palm oil. Nice.

Based off of these Before & After images on QVC, I can confirm I'll be ordering a tube or two ASAP:


Seriously, my little lashes have never been so excited for a collab. This stuff looks amazing! And according to QVC's 'Gram, it's one of multiple fun things to expect from IT Cosmetics. "We may or may not be launching something even BIGGER from @itcosmetics on Friday, 7/26, at Midnight ET," the company hinted in their Instagram caption, and if it's even half as exciting as this new Drybar collab, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be ordering that, too.

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