The New IT Cosmetics Primer Claims To Use "Makeup-Gripping" Technology For Long-Lasting Wear

IT Cosmetics

When it comes to primer, you'll find the beauty community is pretty divided. Some swear by the stuff for a perfectly prepped, smooth complexion, and say makeup lasts way longer overtop it, while others have tried dozens and dozens without ever seeing real results. Personally, I think it really depends on the product, and if you're still looking for your Holy Grail primer, I suggest looking into where to buy the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Primer, which was just announced. The brand's Your Skin But Better products are basically all fire, so if there's one primer launching this summer that will be worth the hype, I have a feeling it's this one.

What makes IT Cosmetics unique is that they aren't all about colorful palettes, funky eyeliners, and wild lipsticks. Instead, they're a problem-solving brand that develops every product with the intention of treating, covering, or enhancing something about a user's complexion. Their blemish concealer has a built-in spot treatment to minimize zits while you wear, for example, and their CC+ Cream is made with pigments that color-correct and mask hyperpigmentation with ease. The brand isn't dropping eye-catching collections left and right just for the sake of a good Instagram post — their products are thoughtful and effective, and it's the reason so many people love them.

The Your Skin But Better range is one of their most popular lines:

And finally, IT has decided to bless it with a primer:

Hooray! The IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Makeup Primer+ ($39, is here, and TBH, I feel like it's the primer a lot of the beauty community has been waiting for. IT's skincare-infused formulas make them the master of face products, and enough people swear by the Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ ($39, that I'm confident its new accompanying primer will be great. The CC+ Cream is my personal go-to for summer, so I'm excited to have the perfect base to pair with it.

According to the brand, the new product is oil-free and formulated to be "makeup-gripping," so your makeup will last way longer than when you go sans-primer. It includes glycerin to hydrate, bark extract to improve texture, and ginger root to smooth, so even though it's a primer, you can expect true skincare-level quality. That's the IT Cosmetics way!

Naturally, fans of the brand are beyond thrilled, but they did have some concerns regarding an old favorite:

Many were quick to notice that the brand's Bye Bye Pores Primer ($38, had been removed from the Sephora site, although it's still available on the IT Cosmetics website. In trying to find the above photo, I noticed that the brand hasn't featured Bye Bye Pores Primer on its Instagram in not just months, but more than a year, so perhaps the product will soon be discontinued. Nothing's confirmed yet, but if you love that primer, it might not hurt to try the new one.

IT's new primer is a Sephora exclusive, and it's also sold on the brand's own website. If you're still convinced that primers don't really work, give this one a shot — I have a feeling it might just change your mind.