PÜR Cosmetics Is Dropping A New Foundation In 100 Shades, & It's Coming So Soon

PÜR Cosmetics

For so long, too many brands got away with doing the bare minimum when it came to providing inclusive shade ranges; fortunately, more and more companies are stepping up to the plate to cater to a wide variety of gorgeous skin tones. Fenty and NYX made headlines when both released a whopping 40 shades of foundation, next Jour followed their lead, upping the ante with 50 shades of their Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation, and now it seems PÜR Cosmetics is here to put all the rest to shame. If you're wondering where To Get PÜR Cosmetics' Love Your Selfie Foundation, be prepared to do a lot of swatching to find the right bottle for you, because this baby comes in 100 different shades. Nope, not a typo — that last zero is the real deal, honey. PÜR is making sure people of 100 different skin tones can find their ideal shade and undertone match. Other brands, are you taking notes? I sure hope so.

If you're not familiar with the brand, PÜR already has a wide variety of foundations within their core line, some of which have been fairly inclusive, and some of which are seriously lacking. Until now, their 4-in-1 Foundation Stick ($34, had their widest shade range with 21 options, while their Liquid Veil Airbrush Foundation ($25, originally $39, has their smallest selection with just three shades total. The brand's tagline declares them to be "The Complexion Authority," so it only seems right that they have shades to suit any and all complexions — which is they set out to do just that with their newest launch.

And thus, their brand new 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie Longwear Foundation & Concealer was born. Here it is in the lightest shade, LG1, and the deepest shade, DPN7:

PÜR Cosmetics

As the name implies, the 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie Longwear Foundation & Concealer ($36, coming soon to is a heavy-duty formula with coverage that builds up so well, it doubles as concealer. It's got a pump to dispense an all-over amount, as well as a doe foot applicator for extra precision, if you want to target your blemishes. The foundation is also packed with skin-loving ingredients to treat your complexion while you wear it, including green tea, ginseng, and vitamin B. Best of all, though, are those 100 shades, organized by undertone and just begging to be swatched.

Shout out ot the whole pump/doe foot combo, though. That's convient AF, am I right?

PÜR Cosmetics

The shades are divided into the different undertones, marked with G for golden, P for Pink, and N for neutral. From there, they're divided into five different shade ranges, marked with L for light, M for medium, T for tan, D for dark, and DP for deep. You won't find any cliché shade names like "Ivory" or "Mocha" in this mix — everything is organized within this system of letters and numbers. So, DPG1 would be the lightest shade option for deep skin with golden undertones, and TN5 would be the fifth darkest shade for tan skin with neutral undertones. Make sense?

Don't worry, there's a chart to break it all down:

PÜR Cosmetics

And to make choosing the right shade even simpler, the brand is launching a secondary Instagram account devoted to unretouched photos that showcase what the shades look like IRL, per Allure. Talk about going above and beyond to make sure shoppers can find their perfect matches! Color me impressed (and also, MG4).

You can follow @purshadefinder now, but the account won't officially launch until April 19:

In an exclusive interview with Allure, Vice President of Marketing and Innovation at Pür Tisha Thompson got real about why such a large shade range was the right move for this new launch. "Complexion is our forte, so after establishing the primary skin-care benefits that this product would include, we went through a really strict development phase of finding the perfect shade range," Thompson told Allure. "We were extremely thoughtful and strategic about building out this range, which meant finding the proper surface colors and undertones that meet the needs of our diverse consumer base," she added. Mission accomplished, Team PÜR!

If you're eager to find your perfect match and start "loving your selfie" PÜR-style, you won't have to wait long. Along with the shade finder Instagram account, the foundation itself drops on April 19, and will be available on the PÜR site as well as the Kohl's website. As for in-store selection, Kohl's and Ulta will carry 22 shades on their shelves, while the Ulta site will have 40 options available.