Glossier Finally Expanded Their Perfecting Skin Tint's Shade Range & Also Dropped A New Tool


In what might be the most exciting bit of beauty buzz today, Glossier's expanded Perfecting Skin Tint shade range is no longer just a wish or a figment of your imagination. It's here, it's good, and it's going to make a lot of people very, very happy. As exclusively reported by The Zoe Report, the brand has answered fans' pleas for a more inclusive lineup of products by expanding the ranges of both their Perfecting Skin Tint ($26, and and Stretch Concealer ($18, from five shades to 12. "We decided to revisit our complexion products more than a year and a half ago in response to customer feedback around the obvious gaps in our existing shade range," Kym Davis, Glossier's Head of Product Development, told the The Zoe Report. "By working with our customers, makeup artists, and other members of our community, a much more balanced and comprehensive shade range was achieved — one that suits the unique formulation of our products."

If you've ever used Glossier makeup products then you know that they're meant to go on lightly and comfortably and accentuate—not cover!—your natural features. Head to the product page for their Perfecting Skin Tint and you'll see the words "More skin, less makeup," in giant letters popping out on top. The breathable and ultra-thin formula of the product is meant to blend and melt in to skin tones easily, which is why I'd imagine he brand launched with only five available shades—but in the time of Fenty Beauty that simply will no longer fly. And Glossier knows it.


"We’re always in conversation with our customers, and many of them had shared that they were mixing shades of Perfecting Skin Tint or Stretch Concealer to create their own custom colors," Davis tells The Zoe Report. "That insight was a great starting point for us when it came to identifying gaps and developing new shades."

The new range of Perfecting Skin Tint still boasts that same super sheer and adaptable formula, except now everyone gets to try it out without ever having to play potion master and concoct their own mixtures. The 12 shades span both spectrums and promise to stretch across multiple undertones. The Stretch Concealer also now boasts a shade range of 12 but rather than provide sheer coverage it's meant to cover everything from dark circles to breakouts to redness. In other words, the two products are the ultimate power couple for your complexion.


If you're unsure about which shade to choose for your complexion, fear not. Glossier has also launched a new Shade Finder that will help you find your perfect match. Simply click on the "Shade Finder" link within both products' pages and it'll show you what each shade looks like on not one, but four different people. What's also cool to note within the tool is that Glossier's G1 shade is the darkest formula while their G12 shade is the lightest—proof that they truly want to disrupt and dismantle the way the beauty industry approaches presenting their product offerings.

More of that, please.