Beautyblender Just Expanded Their Bounce Foundation Shade Range & Said Even More Shades Are Coming

As someone who uses the Bounce foundation on an almost daily basis, it's a product I often recommend to friends — and when doing so in regards to any product, I always stop to consider whether or not the item is available in my friends' shades. With 32 blends released during its launch, Bounce was a foundation that many of my friends could in fact find a decent match in, but now that the beautyblender Bounce shade range expansion has been announced, even more beauty-lovers will be able to put this great formula to the test.

When the Bounce Foundation ($40, first launched in July, it was immediately praised for its unique packaging, which featured a built-in palette on which one could dispense product and dip their beautyblender sponge before applying. The 32-hue shade range, though, was met with mixed reactions. Many applauded beautyblender for includinga high number of options, but others were quick to point out that, while numerous, most of the shades catered to light-medium and medium skin tones, and that the ultra-light and darker ends of the spectrum weren't given as many choices. Hearing the voices of consumers, the beautyblender team wasted no time in perfecting a few additional shade options, and thus, eight new shades are now available.

These are the eight brand-new blends, in order from lightest to darkest:

Courtesy of beautyblender

"When we started developing Bounce our goal was to launch with 40 shades of foundation. We were able to perfect 32 of those shades in time for our launch, all while continuing to work towards our initial goal of 40," says Rea Ann Silva, celebrity makeup artist and founder of beautyblender. "There was so much excitement around Bounce that we immediately got right to work meticulously shade matching the remaining eight blends. This way as many people as possible can find their shade in this truly amazing formula."

And while these additional eight shades certainly help balance out both ends of the original range, Silva notes that there will be even more to come. "We are not done," she insists. "There are an infinite amount of skin tones in the world and we will continue to innovate and develop."

Shade matching is difficult in general, especially when you're not sure if your skin tone has been accounted for by a brand. One thing I like about shopping on the beautyblender site is that tapping any shade reveals a photo of a model wearing it, so you can more easily determine your best match:


"As a makeup artist with over 25 years’ experience working with famous faces, it was always a dream of mine to create actual makeup," says Silva. "Bounce took years to develop because I wanted a truly unique formula that encapsulates everything I felt was missing from foundation."

What, in her eyes, would make a foundation a step above the rest? "I wanted a matte finish that made skin look healthy," she begins. "I was looking to make something buildable and blendable, not heavy and cakey. It needed to last all day because, let’s face it, who has time for touchups? And lastly I was tired of using the back of my hand or a palette to dispense makeup. I wanted a simple and fool-proof system with a formula that didn’t need layers of additional makeup to look its best. Minimal effort, maximum results." With this checklist of wants in mind, the Bounce foundation slowly took shape, and now that the response to the product's formula and packaging has been so positive, Silva believes its time to make sure beauty-lovers of every skintone can get their hands on their perfect blend.

In an ideal world, every product would launch fully equipped with a shade range to match anyone and everyone — and as the beauty community learns and grows with each new release, it's safe to say we're slowly coming closer to achieving this reality. Kudos to beautyblender for expanding its existing range and letting other brands know that it's never too late to do the same. Here's to more inclusive shade ranges in 2019, and (hopefully) more great beautyblender color cosmetics, because in my book, eight extra shades are just one more reason to love their foundation.