CoverGirl's New Full Spectrum Collection Celebrates Women Of Color In A Big Way


Just last month, a certain behemoth beauty brand made headlines when it announced it was officially 100 percent cruelty free and now, it's at it again with a new collection of products that will doubtlessly be industry game-changers. CoverGirl's Full Spectrum collection was conceived and developed exclusively with women of color in mind, proving that Fenty Beauty's 40-shade foundation line was only the catalyst (a beyond necessary one, at that!) for more amazing things to come.

"Understanding that inclusivity goes far beyond shade ranges, Full Spectrum was developed with the unique shade AND skin needs of multicultural women in mind," explains a press release from CoverGirl. "Providing products for eyes, lips and face, the vast shade ranges are accompanied by rich pigments that were designed to pop against darker skin tones. All of the products were created to cater to the unique skin needs of WOC, delivering products that will create amazing looks for any occasion."

The collection is currently comprised of eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, eyeshadow, primer, a sculpting palette, and a contour palette, each of which I'll get into more detail below. But first, to answer the question that's probably at the forefront of your mind: yes, the products are evidently legit. Nine editors from Refinery 29 tested out the new collection and their reviews were incredibly positive across the board. Effective but comfortable; highly pigmented to the point of only needing one or two layers; all-day wear that doesn't cake—these were some of the general gists.

So, what exactly does the collection contain, you ask?


Let's start with the basics first. The Matte Ambition Skin Primer SPF 20 ($11.49, should be applied prior to any other makeup and will control oil and help extend your makeup's wear for all-day excellence. To layer on top of that, there's the Matte Ambition All Day Foundation ($11.99,, which comes in a range of 20 medium to dark shades and is "designed to bring out your truest tones." It's transfer-resistant, is meant for all-day wear, and is formulated with oil absorbing powders for a matte finish. To complete the triple complexion threat, there's also the Matte Ambition All Day Powder Foundation ($13.49,, which comes in a range of 12 medium to dark tones and is buildable coverage in matte powder finish form.


The Contour and Correct Expert Cream Palette ($13.49, features eight cream shades that can be used for neutralizing, contouring, highlighting, and balancing. To add even more brilliance to your complexion, there's also the Sculpt Expert Multiuse Cheek Palette ($13.49,, which comes in three color options that each contain a trio of shimmery shades.


A definite standout in the collection is the Color Idol Satin Lipstick ($9.49,, which comes in 20 shades ranging from a deep aqua to a rosy pink and provides a vibrant, high-coverage finish. "Lipsticks are more my thing — especially bold ones like Mad Money (a shade resembling a stack of bills)," wrote one Refinery 29 editor of the product. "I loved that I could build up the color, but it still felt balmy on my mouth."


The So Saturated Show Palette ($13.49, in Zodiac (there are four different metallic shadow palettes to choose from) also got rave reviews from an editor. "This vivid palette of jewel tones is the perfect gateway back into exciting eye looks. They are extremely pigmented, so there’s no need to layer it on over and over again," she wrote.

In short, the collection hits the nail on the head and actually performs as it says it will. Check it out in its entirety at Ulta's website here.