Essie's Summer Nail Polish Collection Gives Me Colorful Poolside Vibes, & Now I Want A Pedi

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Courtesy of essie
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Is it impressive or embarrassing that I somehow manage to finish any and all summer nail polishes bought in May by the time September rolls around? I guess it's a good thing, given that I gravitate towards fall shades by that point, and it also means I got my money's worth when it comes to the summertime shades I selected. Still, it means I need to restock every single summer to ensure I have the perfect bold, bright shades, and if you're wondering where to get essie's Summer 2019 nailpolish collection, I can assure you it's worth taking a look. The six-shade lineup features classic hues and unexpected statement shades, and considering I like every single one, it's safe to say I've got enough polish to hold me over until Septemer's autumnal vibes roll around.

No matter how many new brands come and go, essie will remain an iconic classic, and old reliable — but, to be clear, whether or not you can teach an old dog new tricks, you can definitely expect new, of-the-moment shades from this been-around-forever brand. The Summer 2019 collection is a perfect example of how on the pulse essie is when it comes to creating color stories, and while I do have a flat-out favorite from the new drop, I can honestly say every bottle is beautiful.

Behold, the six new stunners coming to fingernails near you:

Courtesy of essie

Stunning times six, am I right? My favorite part of this collection is how balanced it is, given that half the shades give off fantasy vibes, while the others are pedicure-perfect classics. Burnt reddish orange "Claim to Flame," pink "Strike A Rose," and peach "In Full Swing" are the kinds of colors I grew up loving for a ladylike look, while aqua "Take The Lead," purple "Tangoed In Love," and apricot "Soles On Fire" are bolder hues I could've only dreamt of wearing.

My fave is "Soles On Fire," because orange is so hot right now:

Courtesy of essie

Elle Woods, I think we disagree on this one:

TBH, I think even she would've changed her mind after seeing "Soles On Fire." I mean, can't you imagine a two-toned look with "Strike A Rose" looking incredible?

Speaking of blondes named Elle, and of "Strike A Rose," the fierce Elle Fanning wore the shade on the 2019 Met Gala Red Carpet:

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yup, those iconic nails were all essie, baby! And the whole look was done by nail artist Mar y Sol Inzerillo:

Here's a closeup of the charm details, as well as that watermelony "Stike A Rose" goodness:

So good. I might not have the budget for the mini toothpaste and french fry charms, but I can definitely drop $9 on a new bottle of nailpolish!

Each bottle retails for $9 a pop, and you can find the entire collection on the essie website:

In addition to the brand site, essie polishes are sold in various beauty destinations, from your local CVS to your favorite nail salon. Don't be surprised if you come across the summer collection next time you're casually shopping for a polish — and if you pick up more than one shade, I fully support it.

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