These Summer 2019 Manicures Will Help You Nail Your Summer Style

by Stephanie Montes
Lucas Ottone, Stocksy

I'm an admirer of nail art always, but my favorite time to get in on the fun is during the summer months. With free rein to play with bold colors and endless summer-inspired motifs, I can't think of a better time to celebrate the warmer months and the end of winter than with a playful mani. But with literally the entire world as my nail-art oyster, I rarely know where to begin picking a look. So to help myself (and you) decide what manicure styles to wear next season, I called in the big shots. Ahead, the summer 2019 nail trends you need to know about, according to best in the nail-art business who have their impeccably polished fingers on the pulse of what's hot and what's trending.

I talked to Olive & June's Sarah Gibson Tuttle and @Nailbawse's Zalak to get details on which summer shades and what kind of designs will be trending all over as the weather heats up. So whether you're chilling at the beach, headed off for the European vacation of your dreams, roadtripping from coast to coast, or just keeping it real at the bar on Summer Fridays with a glass of rosé, scroll down for the looks you'll want to try before summer BBQs and days at the beach — they'll be here before we know it.

New Neutrals

7-Free Nail Polish In Barrett ($8;

A neutral mani doesn't mean it has to be nude. CEO and Founder of LA's cutest cool-girl nail destination Olive & June, Sarah Gibson Tuttle, tells me in an interview with Elite Daily that people "are really loving a pretty neutral mani that isn't necessarily shade of nude."

After launching a debut nail polish collection of new neutral shades, Tuttle says the shades Geri, Barrett, and Tara were super popular immediately because pink, light blue, and lavender are versatile and fun!"

7-Free Nail Polish In Tara ($8;

Negative Space And Geometric Shapes

Tuttle predicts a minimal-cool combination of geometric shapes and negative space will be huge this summer. Since it could feel impossible to craft with nail polish and a tiny brush, she recommends embellishing nails with pretty nail stickers.

When deciding on which geometric shape to go with, you can never go wrong with a simple three-side triangle.

But on days when you're feeling a little bit extra, go with a heart shape. The black and white color story makes it feel impossibly cool.

For a chic take on the trend, pair shapes in black and white over a nude polish. And for a playful element, mix and match shapes to vary on each nail.

Neon And PVC-Inspired Pairings

Things are about to get bright (really bright — fluorescent, even) this summer. But to balance out the almost-glow-in-the-dark hues, prepare to ask your technician for a barely-there base when trying the trend. Zalak, the nail artist behind the popular Instagram account @Nailbawse, says, "minimal neon nail art is going to be a hit this summer. Think: stripes, fine lines, and neon motifs on a clear base."

Try this updated French tip look with some Tokyo-inspired flair for nails that are sure to steal the show.

Courtesy of Nailbawse

With a PVC-inspired base, neon colors, flames, and mismatched nails, this look is a quadruple threat.

Update the look of a classic print with a touch of neon to freshen things up.

Nail Piercings

Nail piercings had a moment a few years back but Zalak predicts they will be back in a big way this summer, and actually, I'm super into it.

This one goes out to everyone who likes to keep their nails (real or faux) long — more space for the piercing, you know?