Tie-Dye Nails Are Trending For Summer & I Can't Stop Looking At These Designs

clawsbyyessie; lipstickkissesbeauty/Instagram

Anybody want to hop in a time machine and go back to the days of childhood summer camp? In 2019, the tie-dye trend has absolutely taken over, and I distinctly remember having unlimited access to tie-dye supplies back at camp, a luxury I could really use right now while trying to stay on top of the trned for summer. If you aren't a DIY kween and don't have access to fabric dye and materials, though, you can always sport the look via the tie-dye nail art trend, which is taking over Instagram feeds and fingertips everywhere at an alarming rate. Personally, I'm here for it! I don't necessarily attend many events at which a tie-dye tee is appropriate, but a tie-dye nail feels fun for any and all occasions, so the look gets a (rainbow) thumbs up in my book.

'Twas the beauty team over at Refinery 29 that first noted the nail trend on the rise, and it's hardly a shock, given that tie-dye everything has increased in popularity as of late. Vans just dropped a chic new line of tie-dye sneakers for summer, and Halsey even rocked an old-school tie-dye tee at Coachella, which prompted pretty much every trendy brand debuted a similar style. It's fashion's natural progression that the look would trickle down to the nail art community next, and talented nail pros have taken to Instagram to show off summer's most vibrant look.

I mean, could anything be cooler than neon tie-dye tips?

Celeb hairstylist Justine Marjan showed another way to rock the trend with each finger sporting a different tie-dyed hue:

But if you prefer the rainbow color clash of it all, this bold Lisa Frank-inspired take will most likely be more your speed:

The best part about the tie-dye trend is how customizable it is. A classic rainbow is always gorgeous, but you can select the colors for your blend according to your outfit to get a more personalized mix.

This coral, pink, and yellow blend just screams spring, don't you think?

As does this pastel tie-dye accent nail, which I would've killed to have on Easter Sunday:

While skilled nail afficionados can DIY this look at home, getting the blend can be a bit tricky, so I'd recommend going to a professional nail tech. However, the brave can look to a bevy of tie-dye nail art tutorials on YouTube and Instagram, for tips on getting it just right.

This video by Knailart shows the proper technique for a classic, rainbow spiral tie-dye:


While this video by Julie Ventura shares the secrets to a more marbled tie-dye look:

Julie Ventura/YouTube

Finally, this video by Libby Ortega is a tutorial for a less intricate, more splashy tie-dye finish, with bonus shimmer:

Libby Ortega/YouTube

Personally, I'll be taking the tie-dye trend as an opportunity to buy a ton of fun, new nail polish colors, and doing my best to achieve the look on my own. If it doesn't work out, I'll definitely be booking a manicure stat, and I'll just browse the "tie dye nails" hashtag on Instagram for inspo in the meantime.