These Orange Jelly Press-On Nails Are So Trendy, & They Help Bahamian Fyre Festival Workers

If you haven't spent the last few weeks binging Fyre Fest documentaries, then honestly, we have nothing in common, because I can't stop watching. The rise and fall of the event that never really happened is intriguing, frightening, laughable, embarassing, disheartening — all the above and more, really. The most upsetting part of the festival's failure isn't that the attendees didn't get to live it up in luxury, though, but that so many people who worked hard on the festival itself got scammed as well. If you, too, feel awful and want to help, here's the scoop on where to get Digits' Fyre Fest Orange Juicy Jelly Nails to give back to the Bahamian Fyre Festival workers, so you can do your part and rock a great mani. Win-win, am I right?

TBH, I'm not all that hip to the latest nail trends, so I wasn't familiar with Digits Nails, a very cool brand that creates press-on nails that are a far cry from the crappy, constantly-falling-off fake nails of my childhood attempts at a poppin manicure. The brand sells reusable sets that can be applied with either lash glue or adhesive stickers, and at just $15 a set ($14.99, to be exact!), they're a pretty great bargain.

TBH, it wasn't until I started scrolling the brand's Instagram feed that I discovered the jelly nail trend:

And now that I know about it, I'm completely, utterly obsessed:

Whereas Childhood Me would've positively *died* if you could see my actual nail through a non-opaque polish, the jelly nail trend plays up a cool, transparent look, and I really like it. Within seconds of scrolling, I was already on the brand's site ready to buy a pair and try them for myself. Should I opt for "Ghost," the almost completely clear, lavendar-tinted set? What about "Slime," done in a transparent neon green? Overwhelmed with possibilities, the decision became a thousand times easier when I discovered the Fyre_Fest Orange Juicy Jelly Set ($15,, a 20-piece set of acrylics that not only looks fab, but also gives back.

"We were shook by the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix and we know you were too," says the product description on the Digits Nails site. "We're donating 10 percent of the sale of our FYRE_FEST Orange Juicy Jellies to the Bahamian workers who were ripped off by Billy." For a company whose tagline is #StayFake (which is so iconic BTW), the Digits Nails team certainly seems to be quite generous! So many Bahamian workers gave their all in attempting to make Fyre Fest a success, only to find out they would never be repaid for their time and effort, so I'm all about a brand that steps up to help them out. Especially one with products this damn cute.

These nails are fire (or should I say Fyre?):

Digits Nails

Here's the thing: The brand is pretty new and small, and at the moment they've only got 77 followers on Instagram. I know, right? They deserve thousands, IMHO. If you want to rock a fire mani while helping out the Bahamian workers who got seriously jipped as a result of Fyre Fest, throw this brand a follow and add these babies to your cart. Feel free to watch either the Hulu or Netflix documentary to pass the time while you apply your new mani.