IGK's New Antisocial Overnight Bond Building Dry Mask Is Way More Convenient Than Regular Hair Masks

No matter how many hair brands come and go, IGK Hair will always be one of my go-to staples. Their products look chic AF on my vanity, and what's more, their unique formulas and powerful ingredients really get the job done when it comes to treating and styling my strands. As a self-proclaimed die-hard fan, I follow the brand's new launches closely, so I was curious as to where to buy IGK Hair's Antisocial Overnight Bond Building Dry Hair Mask the second I heard it dropped. Hello, new favorite! At first glance of the packaging and a quick skim of the ingredients, I could immediately tell this gorgeous little bottle would earn yet another spot of glory on my vanity for IGK.

I have dozens of dry shampoos, shine serums, and hairsprays, but IGK Hair are constantly debuting products in categories I didn't even know existed — and after trying them, I usually vow to never again go without. Products like the Blocked Water-Resistant Hair Shield ($29, which has saved my dyed strands from many a bad hair day post-beach sesh, the Mixed Feelings Leave-In Blonde Toning Drops ($29,, which keep my blonde looking as fresh as the day I left the salon, and the Trust Issues Instant Scalp Rebalancing Treatment ($29,, which soothes my sometimes irritated scalp, were all innovative, unmatched formulas I didn't know I needed, and now they're staples you wouldn't catch me dead without. We're talking top five stranded-on-an-island products, people!

It's this trust in the brand that has be beyond excited over their latest launch:

The Antisocial Overnight Bond Building Dry Hair Mask ($34, is here, and it's basically a mask sans messy application:

As someone with a lot of bleach damage and (almost) zero regrets, I continue to dye my strands knowing damn well I'm hurting my hair's health. In an attempt to make up for my frequent dye jobs, I often turn to hair masks to hydrate and repair. There's just one problem — applying a mask means jumping in the shower to wash my hair, and while I shower on the daily, thank you very much, I only wash my strands every four to five days. I don't want to amp up my wash cycle, but I do want to reap the benefits of a super nourishing mask.

The solution? Antisocial, obvi:

IGK Hair

This "dry" mask formula goes on with a quick spritz and doesn't need to be washed out, as it utilizes time-release, bond-building technology to improve your strands while you sleep. It's not just a coating, of course; rather, it treats hair from within by bonding to each strand's natural proteins within the fiber, which allows it to strengthen from the inside out, thanks to a unique vegan silk extract. Simultaneously, nourishing amino acids smooth the outer layers of the cuticle for a soft, shiny finish that's also protective against damage.

The brand breaks it down in this graphic from their website:

IGK Hair

Plus, they threw in CBD extract for bonus luster, as well as a sleep-enhancing scent so you'll want to apply Antisocial before bed:

IGK Hair

Who can use this product? Any hair type can benefit from a little extra love and nourishment, and because the formula is color-safe, it won't mess up your dye job. If you're a fan of traditional hair masks but want the benefits without all the fuss, you can snag Antisocial on the IGK site now.