This Drugstore Hair Mask Saved My Dry, Split Ends & Now I'm Never Going Back

by Stephanie Montes
Stephanie Montes

Admittedly, I don't care for my hair as much as I should. Being the skincare and makeup junkie I am, all my time goes to making my skin look clear and my cat eye look crisp — when it comes to my 'do, I usually just don't invest all that much time, energy, or attention. I haven't gotten a haircut in a while and my ends are starting to show it. Because it would be impossible to get an appointment for a much-needed trim on a Sunday morning, I decided to do my own Garnier Fructis 1-Minute Hair Mask review instead.

The last time I got a trim was a year ago (almost to the date), so I was desperate to get my hair looking soft and shiny again. On close inspection, my ends were split, crunchy, and super dry. I've tried to make it a point to really condition my ends, but there's only so much my go-to in-shower conditioning routine can do. On the other hand, there's a reason it's been so long since I've seen my stylist — I don't have the time to keep up with appointments. The next best option is to sift through my beauty closet and pray there's something in here that can bring my parched ends back to life.

So I decided to try Garnier Fructis 1-Minute Hair Mask.

Stephanie Montes

I've had a handful of Garnier Fructis 1-Minute Hair Masks in my collection for a while — again, I haven't done the best job at making time for my hair — so it's about time I took one for a spin. I reached for the nourishing coconut formula. (The masks also come in avocado for smoothing, goji for color-treated hair, and papaya for damage repair.) I picked the coconut because it's super moisturizing and I need all the moisture I can get. Plus, I'm trying to fast track my way to summer and it smelled like my ultimate beach day.

After I shampooed and conditioned my hair, I slathered the Garnier Fructis 1-Minute Nourishing Hair Mask + Coconut Extract onto my wet hair. With my fingers, I combed the creamy mask through my strands and glided right through my tangles. I let it sit while I scrubbed from head to toe and shaved. Then, 10 or so minutes later, I rinsed it all out. Even after I rinsed it out and my hair was still wet, it felt so smooth and soft. But the real test would come after it had dried, so I tried not to get my hopes up too high.

I let my hair air dry, and to my surprise it was shinier and softer than I've felt it in years, even more than before my last haircut. Being the skeptic that I am, I decided to put the heat on. I curled my hair from roots to ends to see if the crunchy, dry feeling came back. To my surprise, my curls were bouncy and my ends were soft.

Stephanie Montes

Considering I've only used this hair mask once, I was (and am) so impressed. And get this: It only costs $3 for a 3.4 oz. jar and $7 for a 13.5 oz. jar, though can you put a price tag on the happiness you get from being able to skip another haircut? I don't think so.