Here's How To Find Out When Kim K's SKIMS Line Will Restock

OK girl, spill the tea: Did you place your SKIMS order yet?? I picked up a few things, but honestly, a lot of what I wanted was sold out by the time I got on the website, and I've been wondering about when SKIMS will restock ever since. I own a myriad of KKW Beauty lipsticks and palettes, and I've sniffed my fair share of KKW Fragrance perfumes over the years, but honestly? I feel confident when I predict that SKIMS will be Kim Kardashian West's best business venture to date. Or, at the very least, her most profitable. Same thing, TBH.

Per TMZ, SKIMS sold over $2 million worth of product within the first few minutes of the official launch, which means Kardashian no doubt made a pretty penny off of myself and the other eager shoppers. What can I say, she filled a hole in the market, and I respect her for it! My closet has tons of shapewear in it already, but to see a brand with color options that cater to a variety of skin tones, sizes up to 5x, and unique silhouettes like the one-legged Solution Short? SKIMS is in a league of its own — and of course, that's the reason Kardashian started the biz in the first place. She knew it would be a guaranteed hit.

Of course, SKIMS did have a few hurdles to overcome, like the original brand name controversy, for instance, but it seems like they're doing just fine now:

Just a few days after the launch, almost everything on the site is sold out, and Instagram users are flocking to the brand's comment section with inquiries about possible restocks. "We’ll be restocking soon. We also have select styles still available in Umber, Onyx, and Oxide!" is the response the official SKIMS account is sending over and over again to commentors, so if you're a fan of those three shades in particular, now is the time to buy.

If you're interested in other colors and sizes, you'll have to wait for that coming-soon restock:

While the brand will no doubt be posting to social to announce a restock, there is another way to find out when more pieces will hit the site. "Join our mailing list now at SKIMS.COM to be notified about new products, exclusive promotions, and restock news!" the brand captioned their latest post, and you better believe I signed right up.

I will not miss my second chance to snag a Solution Short in Ochre, okur!

Until a SKIMS re-stock happens, you can at least kill time by browsing the site and picking out what you'll buy in advance. All the pieces can still be viewed on the SKIMS website, and almost every piece can be viewed on a variety of models wearing different colors and sizes, to help shoppers better envision the shapewear on themselves. Love that! Kardashian is making online shopping a little bit easier — in addition to serving up some gorgeous shapewear. What can't this woman do?