All The Kardashian-Jenner Sisters Posed For A SKIMS Photoshoot, & The Pics Are Bomb

Happy SKIMS launch day, shapewear lovers! That's right, Kim Kardashian's SKIMS officially launched today, and pretty much the whole Internet is excited, myself included. Finally, the Solution Short can be mine, and I can rock the high-slit dress of my dreams! Kardashian herself has been promoting the heck out of her new brand, natch, but I couldn't help but notice how cute it was that her all of her sisters took to their own social media channels to show their support for Kim's new brand's debut. So sweet! I'm all about that sisterly loving.

SKIMS was slated to go live at 9AM PST, but the amount of traffic to the site pre-launch was so massive, it ended up launching at 10AM PST instead — so, yeah, clearly a lot of people were ready to buy. Who could blame them? Just in case anyone needed more convincing, though, the Kardashian and Jenner girls all took to their Instagrams to show love for Kim's new brand, and gave their fans one more reason to buy.

Kim was the only sister to appear in the original SKIMS promotional images:

But it seems there was a sister-themed campaign shot, too, and the photos and videos are making their way onto both the SKIMS account and the girls' personal Instagrams, too.

Kylie Jenner just posted her SKIMS vid, and wow:

Jenner looks beyond fab in her SKIMS, and the behind-the-scenes style video is both sexy and funny. Love! In addition to video footage, the girls also posed for Polaroid photographs wearing their SKIMS, and Kourtney Kardashian posted her fave images to her Instagram as well.

Slay, Kourt! She's rocking that black bodysuit:

Her video is also up on the SKIMS account:

Not for nothing, but so far, Kendall is the only sister who has yet to acknowledge the SKIMS launch on her own social media account. Maybe she's busy with NYFW stuff? Maybe she'll post later? Believe me, I'm refreshing her feed on an hourly basis.

Still, she did partake in the Polaroid sesh and video shoot, and you can see it all on the SKIMS account:

While Khloé didn't post on her Instagram feed, she did document her SKIMS delivery in detail on her Instagram Story, which was so sweet of her.

"I walked into my closet to find a delivery from SKIMS, and I've come to the conclusion that they have saved me for launch day. I am so excited," she exclaimed in the clip:

Khloé Kardashian/Instagram

She posted the video footage from her photoshoot on her story, too:

Khloé Kardashian/Instagram

"We all have imperfections that we want to perfect as much as possible and feel good, and body makeup, shapewear, all of that. It all goes hand in hand," Khloé says in her video clip. I feel you, Khlo.

Of course, Kris Jenner posted the news of the launch pushback to her Instagram feed, because she's both Kim's #1 fan and her momager:

Inspired to start shopping SKIMS? Me freaking too! The entire collection is now live on the SKIMS website, and you already know it's only a matter of time before it all sells out, so don't wait to snag your faves.