Kim K Got Real About How She'll Encourage Her Kids To Be Body Confident

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian just launched her new shapewear line, SKIMS, and the photo campaign she's running for it is all about body positivity. She has models of all shapes and sizes sporting the products in her campaign videos, explaining what they like about the various SKIMS products. Naturally, while doing press for the line, Kardashian was asked about her own feelings on body confidence. In particular, how she's talking to her daughters about the topic. Kim Kardashian's quotes about teaching her kids body confidence are a positive message from the mother of four.

Kardashian told Elle that she feels her kids are too young to begin to grasp the subject of body confidence entirely, but she tries to lead by example.

“I think my kids are a little too young to really understand what cellulite is and have those conversations, but they also see that we’re in front of the camera, and I like to feel good about myself," she said. "But there’s a time and a place — it’s not like I sit at home with body makeup all over me. But I do feel really confident.”

She said she's not worried about North's self-confidence, but again, she leads by example.

“When I’m changing, [North] will be in my closet with me. She’s the most confident person on the planet, so I don’t think I’ll really have a problem there, but I always teach body confidence and always wanting to feel your best," she said.

She then talked about the things she does to show her kids the fun of being active and eating healthy.

“I think my kids see me get up and go to the gym every day and work out, and I love that my kids see me ski and water ski and be really active," she said.

Of course, she's speaking from a place of privilege there, seeing as not everyone in the world has the time and/or money to have a state-of-the-art gym built into their home, nor to make skiing and water skiing trips regularly. But the sentiment she's expressing here is that she's happy her kids have the opportunity to see her live an active and healthy lifestyle. That's understandable, even if her means of staying active aren't that relatable.

Kardashian noted that she and her family eats plant-based foods when they're at their Calabasas home, also noting that she knows that putting on solution-wear isn't the fix-all to being confident with your body.

“We really openly talk about what we put in our bodies and the foods that we eat, and not eating too much sugar,” she said. "I think it all goes together and when you're not confident it's not just like, ‘Oh well, put on some solution wear and you're all fixed.’"

She continued,

No, if there's something, I always use it as motivation. If I'm feeling a little bit heavier than usual or if I just, even if it has nothing to do with weight, eating really clean and teaching my kids, that has been really important to me, and I've learned that. And so when we're at the house, we eat plant-based and that's been a real fun journey for me, to just change the way that I eat when I'm at home.

Eating "clean" is a luxury the Kardashian West family can afford given their financial status, but it's good to hear that Kardashian knows that body positivity is all about having a healthy relationship with yourself and taking steps within your means to help improve that relationship.