Fenty Beauty Just Announced Some Colorful, Pastel Limited Edition Products, So Nothing Else Matters RN

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Wait, you thought the new Body Lava, bronzers, and highlighters were the entire Fenty summer collection? LOL, as if — this is Rihanna we're talking about, people, and you know she always goes big. I didn't know what or when, but after seeing Rihanna's colorful Harper's Bazaar cover glam, I had a feeling there was more to come with this launch, so if you were also wondering when the Fenty Beauty summer collection would drop, it seems you've finally got your answer. Praise Riri.

Don't get me wrong, I was over the moon when I saw the buttery bronzers and oh-so-shimmery new highlighters the brand was dropping, but as much as I love their complexion products (Who doesn't, right?), I admit I always look forward to their bold eye and lip goodies most. From the colorful Moroccan Spice Palette to the wild Mattemoiselle Lipstick shades, Fenty do a great job at creating statement products that compliment their skin essentials, and they're some of my faves in the game. Rihanna has been known to sneakily wear her own coming-soon products before they launch, so when I saw her rocking a face full of coler on the Harper's Bazaar Beauty Issue, I was positive there were a few more items in the summer collection to be announced. Lo and behold, I was right.

Bronzer is beautiful, but this look was all about bright colors:

Now, about two weeks later, Fenty is finally spilling all the deets:

"This summer we’re GETTING HOTTER!" the brand captioned a very fierce photo of their founder, as they announced new neon liquid liners and glossy lippies. "Baecae," "Baeside," and "Baewatch" will be the three Vivid Eyeliner Trios, and the Poutsicle Juicy Satin Lipsticks will debut in seven fun shades. According to my copy of Harper's Bazaar, Riri wore the Poutsicle Juicy Satin Lipsticks in "Purpsicle," "Motorboat," "Tropic Tantrum," and "Sun Snatched" on her eyes, along with liners "Hollapeño," "Techno Beat," and "Banana Blaze" for her rainbow cover look.

I swear, Fenty has the best shade names in all of beauty. It's a fact:

Until the brand drops more photos and swatches, I've got nothing to do but sit and wait — and check the comments section to see how Fenty fans are feeling about the announcement. Obvi, they're pleased and excited AF. "Warn us ahead of time mom, it's too spicy in here," wrote one commentor about the fire pic of Rihanna. Meanwhile, other beauty lovers couldn't decide whether or not it was worth taking out a small loan to buy the new products. "Leave my wallet alone!" one commentor begged, while another insisted that the brand could "TAKE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY COINS." I'm def the latter kind of person, even though I should be the former. Another commentor said what the rest of us were thinking: "i just love this damn brand." Amen.

The new products haven't yet been promoted on the Fenty Beauty website, but believe me, I'm refreshing it and their Instagram feed constantly. As soon as I can get more deets on these new shades and formulas, you'll be the first to know.