Kylie Cosmetics' Halloween Collection Will Be Here In Time To Make Your Halloween ~Lewk~ Boo-tiful

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Kylie Cosmetics

Another holiday means another makeup drop by the youngest Jenner sister. On Wednesday, Oct. 6, the makeup mogul announced the launch of the Kylie Cosmetics Halloween Collection, but given All Hallow's Eve is just a few weeks away, Kylie Cosmetics-obsessed fans are eager to find out when they'll be able to get their hands on the latest collection. Well, thankfully, Kylie has us all covered. According to a post on Kylie's personal Instagram, fans will be able to purchase the spooky makeup selection on Friday, Oct. 12.

An Oct. 12 launch means that we'll have less than three weeks to purchase the collection, eagerly wait for its arrival, and then work on using the products to perfect our Halloween makeup looks just in time for October 31. Talk about pressure! But luckily, Kylie has already given her followers a full look at what the Halloween Collection will include. This means that, starting now, you have about another week to decide exactly what you want to purchase from the collection, so all you have to do is hit "add to cart" on the 12th before the collection sells out.

The Kylie Cosmetics team hasn't said exactly what time the Halloween-themed makeup line will become available on the 12th; however, we can likely assume it'll go on sale at 3 p.m. PT on the day of the launch, given that that's been the release time on Jenner's other recent collections (like Kylie x Jordan and the Kylie Pro Palette). Still, keep your eye on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page for the exact time, but in the meantime, go ahead and set your alarm clocks accordingly to make sure you can snag this makeup selection before it sells out. You're welcome.

While the time between the collection's release, Halloweekend, and then Halloween itself is limited, the good news is, this launch is so versatile that all of the eyeshadow, lip, and highlighter hues can definitely be used all of the other 364 days of the year, as well. The collection itself boasts four bullet lipsticks, two glitter liquid eyeshadows, one highlighter, one eyeshadow palette (with nine pans), one matte liquid lipstick (with matching lip liner), and one glitter lip gloss.

In true Jenner fashion, the almost-billionaire made sure each new product was appropriately given a Halloween-themed name. For the four lipstick bullets include "Creep It Real," a matte nude; "Haunt It," a metallic orange; "Spider Bite," a matte purple; and "Monster," a metallic green. The two liquid glitter eyeshadows include "Witch and Famous," a metallic orangey copper, and "Hello Ghordeous" a metallic yellow gold.

In my eyes, the star of Jenner's latest collection is the "Mummy Eyeshadow Palette." This nine-pan beauty contains a wide variety of shades that can be used to spice up any Halloween costume or worn on any given autumn day to complement your favorite cozy sweater. Shades like "Bat Sh*t Crazy," a shimmery yellow; "Hex On My Ex," a deep metallic purple; and "Howl-o-ween," a matte nude, are to die for.

The highlighter shade is a frosty silver, and rounding out the launch are the the liquid lipstick and the gloss: The "Vampire Lip Kit" is a deep matte red, dubbed "Bite Me," and the "Spooky Glitter Gloss," a glittery orange, is named "Handsome Devil."

In case you haven't heard, Jenner announced at the end of August that Kylie Cosmetics is coming to Ulta for the holidays. So if the Halloween Collection doesn't have you excited enough, just know that the closer we get to the end of the year, the closer we get to being able to test and swatch these sweet buys IRL.