Manny MUA's Lunar Beauty Is Launching Blinding New Highlighters For A Galactic Glow

Don't get me wrong, I love a good glow all 365 days of the year, but something about the summer sun makes me want to look my shimmery, radiant best. I always spend spring scoping out the most blinding highlighters on the market, and this season, it looks like a Youtuber-owned beauty brand is ready to serve up some serious luminosity. When do Lunar Beauty's new Moon Prism Powders drop, you ask? Manny Gutierrez, aka Manny MUA on Youtube, is dropping four shades of out-of-this-world glow later this week. Oh, and BTW, if the product name sounds familiar, that's because it's 100 percent a Sailor Moon reference. Love it.

When Sailor Moon shouts her catchphrase, "Moon prism power, make up," she is transformed into an incredible, powerful superhero. Gutierrez's cosmetics brand, Lunar Beauty, often plays on the moon and astronomical phenomenons, so he decided to combine the celestial theme with his love of Sailor Moon to create a product that could have customers feeling just as unstoppable and fierce. Thus, the Moon Prism Powders were born.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube Channel, which has 4.8 million subscribers, Gutierrez debuted the product with glee:

Manny MUA/Youtube

He showed off all four shades and gushed over the custom packaging, designed to make the powders appear "encased in crystal":

Manny MUA/Youtube

"My vision for the Moon Prism Powders was basically if you broke off a piece of the moon and you had it with you," Gutierrez explains in the video. "I wanted it to be reflective, I wanted it to be holographic, I wanted it to have these really cool facets to it." The ten-sided, slightly transparent, color-shifting component sort of gives me similar vibes to the Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb, but it's different enough, and I love a good highlighter, so I'm on board.

Like hi, hello, get on my cheekbones this instant, thanks:

The Moon Prism Powders will be Lunar Beauty's first single highlighters, following the success of the Greek Goddess Highlighter Palette ($40, from the brand's most recent collection. While three out of four shades will have the same formula as those in the palette, the fourth will be more of a glittery cheek topper, as opposed to a smooth, pigmented shimmer.

There are four shades in total: "Mercury," "Venus," "Mars," and "Jupiter," technically named after planets but more accurately named after the other members of Sailor Moon's squad. Considering all the Sailor Scouts always looked gorg on the TV show, I expected blindingly beautiful formulas to back up the namesakes, and Lunar Beauty delivered.

Gutierrez swatched every shade in his YouTube video on bare skin and over foundation, as well as blended out with a fluffy brush. Here's "Mercury," a bright white with gold reflect:

Manny MUA/Youtube

Next up is "Venus," a medium-toned gold:

Manny MUA/Youtube

Last of the traditional formula is "Mars," a true peach:

Manny MUA/Youtube

And finally, "Jupiter," a deep bronzy copper with a more chunky, glitzy texture:

Manny MUA/Youtube

Not bad, right? I love that he included a highlighter with a white base for super fair skintones, and I just know bronzy Jupiter would pop on the cheeks of anyone with deep or dark skin. The products will drop on the Lunar Beauty website on Wednesday, April 17 at noon PST, where they'll retail for $26 apiece. If you want to snag more than one shade, you're in luck, as the more you buy, the cheaper they'll be. Shoppers will receive 15 percent off when they buy two shades, and 20 percent off for buying all four — a perfect way to justify your splurge, if you ask me. According to the information listed underneath the reveal video on YouTube, the highlighters will also be available on Beauty Bay and Monolith, and will be hitting Morphe soon after the official launch date.

Catch me serving some Sailor Moon realness as soon as these powders drop, because I'm ready to glow this season: