Anastasia Beverly Hills' New Loose Highlighters Can Be Used All Over For Your Brightest Glow Yet

Courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills

By the looks of all of their recent makeup launches, Anastasia Beverly Hills wants you to shine this spring. And when I say shine, I mean really, really illuminate. The most recent drop that will help you to achieve optimum glow? Anastasia Beverly Hills' new loose highlighters. That's right, in addition to the Riviera palette and the Dewy Set setting spray that both dropped today, March 4, ABH also dropped loose, finely milled powder highlighters.

If you're familiar with the brand, then when you think of their highlighters, you probably think of their cult-favorite Glow Kits — the large, four-pan pressed powder highlighter palettes. Well, ABH's new loose powder highlighters contain more crushed pearls, more sparkle, and a more reflective formula than the pressed powder palettes. The fine, glittery powders also allow for a more intense color payoff, so after applied, your highlight can be seen from a mile away.

In addition to the extreme glow and high color payoff, the loose powders are also super easy to blend, thanks to their soft, velvety texture. So whether you want a subtle glow or a dramatic, super reflective highlight, these powders are versatile enough to create your desired look.

The new highlighters are available in three different shades, so you can decide exactly what kind of glow you want to go for. There is "Sunset Aura," a rose gold; "So Hollywood," a gold shimmer; and "Snowflake," a silver shimmer. What's more is that if you're a fan of mixing metals, then you can blend and mix all three powders together for a unique, custom highlight.

The best part about these new highlighters is arguably the fact that they're safe to use on more than just your cheekbones. The powders are gently formulated so you can use them on your eyelids, lips, body, and hair for a true all-over glow.

Like all Anastasia Beverly Hills products, these new shimmers are cruelty-free, but better yet, they're also free of parabens, gluten-free, and they're vegan. So you can rest easy knowing that you're dousing yourself in high quality, ethical glittery powders.

I have to admit, when I first heard about these new highlighters launching, I was so excited, mainly because I love a dramatic highlighter look. While some people might prefer a subtle glow, I want the person across the room to be able to see the strobe of highlighter across the top of my cheekbones. So for those of you who are anything like me and like to be extra AF, here's a pro-tip: Spritz a fan brush (or whatever brush you use to apply your highlighter) with setting spray prior to dipping it into the highlighter. What does this do? It creates an intense look with an even higher color payoff than applying the formula dry.

If you're ready for that next-level glow, you're in luck, as these bad boys are available right now in stores at Sephora and online at and And if I can leave you with one last piece of advice, get your hands on one (or all) of these highlighters ASAP. They'll look even better under the sun once warmer weather hits soon.