Here's The Secret Meaning Behind Priyanka Fixing Nick's Hair At The Oscars

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This year's Oscars gave us our fair share of cute couples for the evening. The red carpet showcased the comedy power duo that is Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele (who I'd totally want to drink wine and play Cards Against Humanity with). Rami Malek and Lucy Boynton def brought the heat with that blistering Oscar victory kiss. And finally, the Oscars after-party brought us coupled-up cuteness with Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas, in the form of a video of Priyanka Chopra Jonas fixing Nick Jonas's hair. It was adorable... or was it? While Chopra Jonas and Jonas come off as #relationshipgoals in many instances, body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass says last night's tender moment is worth a second look.

Jonas and Chopra Jonas weren't on the red carpet, but the couple did pop up at Vanity Fair's famed Oscar after-party. That alone means a lot in the context of their relationship: Vanity Fair's Oscar party is where Chopra Jonas and Jonas first met IRL in 2017 (after Jonas slid smoothly into her DMs on Twitter). So, the two of them attending as a married couple comes full circle. Be that as it may, their interaction doesn't look as romantic as it should, according to Glass.

“There’s not chemistry at all between them," Glass tells Elite Daily, referring to both the video and their general interactions. "She’s kind of always grooming him, like a mother grooms a child. She does that a lot." And more than the gesture, Glass says, you can see the lack of romance in their facial expressions. "He’s sitting there very calmly, with his lips pursed, which shows he’s not really that thrilled to be there. And she’s got this over-the-top smile … It doesn’t work together."

Despite this reading of the moment, both Chopra Jonas and Jonas have been vocal about how happy they are in their relationship. Even last night, Jonas shared a picture from the night on Instagram that said, "She makes me smile." Still, Glass says that actions are more important than words. “No matter what he says, there are so many pictures of them and you digest what’s really going on here: That there’s not a lot of chemistry, on his part, for sure. Or her part, because she’s overreacting. You don’t feel it." Glass reiterates how stiff and reserved Jonas is when he's looking at Chopra [Jonas] or simply in photos with her. "Usually his lips are tight. He doesn’t show teeth," Glass says.

As stated before, Chopra Jonas and Jonas have given the public mixed signals with their body language. Take Chopra Jonas and Jonas' Vogue cover.

According to body language expert Traci Brown, Chopra Jonas' back against Jonas' chest indicated trust blossoming between the two. Similar upper body positions and touching faces on Chopra and Jonas' People cover were tell-tale signs of desire, according to expert Patti Wood. And yet, a brief scan of Chopra Jonas' and Jonas' Instagram accounts, post-wedding, tells conflicting stories.

For example, this selfie from their honeymoon in Oman isn't exactly oozing chemistry. It's the difference between his expression and hers. And it's also how their bodies are positioned. "She's showing ownership of him with her hand on his chest and also showing off that ring,” Brown told Elite Daily. "He's showing that he doesn't want to be bothered with the moment [and is] even a little irritated."

Her hand on him is an element that recurs in their photos and raises a red flag for Glass. "She’s always on top of him, grabbing him. He does not respond. His smile is not genuine. Basically, he’s very stiff; he pulls away from her," Glass observes. "She engulfs him." To be fair, many people stan Chopra and Jonas. And even if they aren't your fave couple, their wedding was for sure one of the top romantic moments of 2018 and looked like a lot of fun.

Ultimately, Glass says, "It seems phony." Maybe they're just going through it as a couple that's learning how to navigating the spotlight, post-marriage. While their body language last night was a bit funky, pictures don't tell the whole story — and unless you're one half of this power couple, there's no way to tell for sure what the relationship is really like.