Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra's Newlywed Body Language Is Strange, & Now I’m Confused

It's been almost a month since Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra made their way down the aisle — twice. The first wedding was a Christian ceremony to honor Jonas' culture, while the second was a traditional Indian wedding with all the fanfare and celebration that goes along with it. Needless to say, it was an epic weekend in Jodhpur, India. Since then, the couple went on a quick honeymoon in Oman, but otherwise, the two have been living their best newlywed lives. In fact, Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra's newlywed body language has given me tons to obsess over on social media.

I mean, come one. Just because the the matrimonial fanfare is technically over doesn't mean I'm not still totally invested in this love story. So, I reached out to Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence, to ask what she sees in Chopra and Jonas' newlywed pictures, and what that can tell us about their relationship dynamic and how things are going between them since walking down the aisle and saying "I do." Surely they must be oozing new relationship energy, right? Well, Brown took a look, and honestly, her answers surprised me. Here is what she sees in their newlywed body language.

1. Chopra Is Proud That Jonas Is Her Man
priyankachopra on Instagram

This photo on Chopra's Instagram, taken while the couple were in Oman on their honeymoon, is accompanied by a caption that reads, “Marital bliss they say..” but Brown has a conflicting view of their body language.

“She's showing ownership of him with her hand on his chest and also showing off that ring,” Brown tells Elite Daily. This makes perfect sense in a honeymoon photo. However, it’s Jonas’ body language that gives Brown pause. “He's showing that he doesn't want to be bothered with the moment [and is] even a little irritated,” she reveals. Perhaps it's in the way Jonas appears to be glancing sideways to look at the camera, or the way he doesn't seem to really be smiling. His body is fully turned toward Chopra, and it seems like she's what he wants to keep his attention on.

Chopra Has A Lot Of Fun Being Silly With Jonas
priyankachopra on Instagram

In this image, taken while the couple was on vacation in Verbier, Switzerland, with their families, Brown sees a couple who is much more relaxed. “They're having a little bit of fun together clowning around,” she observes. Brown notes that Chopra is really engaged and is particularly “into the moment.”

Jonas Shows Much Less Emotion Than Chopra
priyankachopra on Instagram

Again, we see the newlyweds on their ski vacation, and while the scenery is stunning, their body language is a bit more chilly than Brown would expect of a couple still in the honeymoon phase. “They're both leaning toward each other but she's leaning in and showing way more emotion than him,” she notes.

They Get Cozy At Christmas Time
nickjonas on Instagram

In this holiday photo, we see the two cozying up by a Christmas tree with a bonus pup. While the photo is really sweet, Brown sees a continued pattern of Chopra giving more energy and affection in the image. “Here he's showing worry with his eyebrows and she's showing that she's into him,” says Brown, noting that he appears to be worried about something, but she’s unsure of what. “We don't know, but this is quite unusual,” she adds.

Chopra Wants The World To Know That Jonas Is Her Man
nickjonas on Instagram

In this photo, also taken around Christmas time, Brown sees a couple just goofing around and having fun together. “I think they're clowning around trying to look tough — and she's trying to look like she owns the place and him,” says Brown. “We know this because of the way she's leaning on that berm and the way she's draping her arm over him.” But in Jonas, Brown sees much of what she’s observed in all of the previous photos. “Again, he's showing very little interest in the situation, barely grabbing her hand,” says Brown. Yikes.

While you can only read so much into these photos, the pattern of body language is definitely noteworthy. Brown shared her final assessment when looking at all of the images together. “Overall, these pics seem really, really unusual for [newlywed] pics,” says Brown. “[Chopra] has a ton of energy for [Jonas] and he just doesn't show any emotion at all. He can't even crack a smile.”

While I have to admit this was not what I was expecting, it's important to note that Chopra's had a successful career as an actress for almost as long as Jonas has been alive. It may very well be that she shows more emotion than he does in photos because she's probably more comfortable in front of the cameras, whereas Jonas, whose music career shot him into superstardom at a young age, might not be. He, too, has had his fair share of media attention through the years, but simply might just prefer a sexy smize over a full-on smile.

Whatever their body language may or may not be saying, I’m still totally rooting for this couple's love to last. I mean, have you ever seen a more perfect pair? Here's hoping we'll see plenty more of Chopra and Jonas in 2019!

Victoria Warnken/Elite Daily