8 Women Spill All The Juicy Details About The Most Creative Sex They've Ever Had

Creativity is the spice of life, and for many women, it's also the spice of their sex life. Even if you're a pretty sexually active person, some memories will be less-than-memorable, while others, like the most creative sex you've ever had, will stick in your memory forever.

When it comes to creative sex, everyone has a different idea of what that looks like, which is kind of the best part! Whether spicing things up in the bedroom means planning out a long-lived fantasy or being spontaneous and saying, "Why not?" when opportunity knocks, there are no wrong answers, and no shame in the sex game. Creative sex can be seriously epic and stick with you forever in your fantasy bank. Maybe the most inventive sex you've ever had happened last week or several years ago. Whenever it was, you might have had to think on your feet (or back) to pull off such an adventurous hookup.

If you start reminiscing about your previous sex-capades, there's probably at least one that comes to mind that's a little more imaginative than the others. But if you can't think of one, no worries, 'cause I talked to eight women, who gave me all the deets about the most creative sex they've ever had.

Backseat Bandits
Stocksy / HOWL
We have mastered car sex. Like, we pull off for a random quickie regularly. It’s fun even trying to find a spot to park and then getting dressed really quickly and driving off like nothing happened. You'll learn some positions that you can only accomplish in the car, too!

— Emily, 30

Don't Toy With Me
Stocksy / Nabi Tang
My hubby bought me a realistic dildo so I could experience double penetration.

— Alisha, 29

Whatever Floats Your Boat
Stocksy / HOWL
One of our favorite and most adventurous places to have sex is on our boat! In a secluded cove of, course. Missing that sweet summertime right about now!

— Sammie, 30

No Prudes At This Pool Party
Stocksy / Studio Firma
Myself and four other girls at a nighttime pool party floating on a huge pool float all enjoying each others lady bits with no cares while the rest of the party was watching.

— Steph, 28

Kayak Kink
Stocksy / RG&B Images
We were out on the lake in two separate kayaks, and we paddled back into this little cove. There was an old rundown barge, and we paddled over to it. I tied my kayak to the barge, jumped over to his kayak, and we had a quickie (with a lot of wobbly almost-slips) pushed up against this old barge thing.

— Kala, 26

All Roads Lead To O
Stocksy / Leah Flores
Because of our busy schedules, we usually can only make time for sex at his place (usually in bed), but we still have really amazing sex. And I think the reason it stays consistently good is because we never orgasm the same way more than once in a row. We sort of make it a challenge to come up with different ways to make one another orgasm (toys, different positions, etc.) Our sex is always different, even though the location rarely changes.

— Madeline, 24

Creative In Croatia
Stocksy / Colin Anderson
I had sex at a public waterfall in Croatia. We deviously went over to the side where there were fewer people. Things were getting heated. He was behind me when I saw someone pointing through the bushes. I panicked and swam away. Left the poor guy hangin'!

— Jenna, 27

Speed Boat Bust
Stocksy / VegterFoto
I had sex on a speedboat in the middle of the night. A coast guard caught us, took our clothes, and then demanded that we come out. I had to go home in my bra and thong.

— Dionne, 20

With creative sex, spontaneity seems to be the name of the game. Maybe your most innovative nookie involved getting it on in the water or in a public place. Or maybe it happened in bed with some adventurous toys or new ideas. Whatever the case, creative sex is all kinds of fun, especially when it involves thinking outside the box (or bed). Happy brainstorming!