The SKIMS Contour Bonded Collection Is Coming Soon, & Kim K Calls It 'Extra-Snatching'

New SKIMS alert! New SKIMS alert! If you saw Kim Kardashian's latest Instagram post and stories, you might be wondering what's in the SKIMS Contour Bonded Collection, and girl, me too, because this drop is right up my alley. The Cotton Collection was cute and cozy, but I'm coming to SKIMS for shapewear, so when I heard Kardashian describe the new range as "extra-bonding" and "extra-snatching," I was sold.

SKIMS has only been a brand for a matter of months, and they've already debuted a myriad of collections and pieces, each in a notable array of sizes and color options. It's safe to say Kardashian's solutionwear brand is a massive success, and while I'm still waiting for her to restock some of the original pieces, I'm definitely still interested in all the new ones coming soon. "Alright guys, so I am trying on our new Bonded shapewear. It is totally different than our signature shapewear," Kardashian shared in a video on her Instagram feed and in her IG Stories. "Do you see this, like, V?" she asks, motioning to the part of the black shorts that covers her stomach. "So, this whole part is lined in a power mesh. So it's, like, a really thick...This is for if you need extra tummy," she explains.

You can check out the video and some photos on her feed:

That bonding power mesh does look pretty intense:

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

I like to have different pieces of shapewear on standby for every occassion, so even though I liked the original SKIMS, I'm definitely interested in the heavy duty Bonded range, too. "If you think about it in stages, the everyday solutionwear is like a medium hold, and it's super comfortable," explained Kim in her video, "This is, like, major hold, like, holds in your tummy."

Like the classic SKIMS, the Contour Bonded range will still have a sheer bum area and a strip of elastic to hold up the waistline:

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

The shorts aren't just heavy duty on the tummy, though. "I feel like it definitely snatches here," Kardashian said in the video while motioning to the thigh area, where the power mesh was also visible. "I'm big on cellulite on the thigh. So I wanted to make sure there was extra bonding on the side of the thigh," she explained.

The entire range will drop on October 24 at 9AM PST, exclusively on the SKIMS website:

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

And by "the entire range," I mean these shorts and two other pieces. Kardashian models the coming-soon High Waisted Bonded Short, which will retail for $98, and the other options in the lineup include the Bonded Briefs, retailing for $78, and the Bonded Thong, the most affordable piece at $68. I like that she didn't overwhelm us with too many options this time! That said, I know all three will likely sell out faster than fast. If you're interested shopping the Contour Bonded collection first, you can sign up for the waitlist to be notified of the moment it goes live.