If You Still Want A SKIMS Sculpting Bodysuit, Here's How To Get Notified Of Restock Updates

Anybody else miss out on all the most popular SKIMS styles due to the fact that they sold out in, like, minutes? IDK about you, but my hand is raised high. Out of all the pieces on the site, I'm most curious as to when the SKIMS Sculpting Bodysuit will restock, because after ordering and receiving one of the SKIMS bras, I feel like I know my perfect size and shade, so now I'm ready to go ham and order as many pieces as possible.

Unlike most Kardashian-promoted products, SKIMS aren't meant to be shown off so much as concealed underneath a bodycon dress or fitted skirt. For some, this makes the appeal slightly less enticing — what's the point of splurging on Kardashian shapewear if no one knows you're wearing it? If you ask me, that's the logic behind why so many people wanted the Sculping Bodysuit ($62, more than any other item, as unlike the thongs and shorts, it's a piece you can actually show off. I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't throw it on with a pair of jeans and wear it as a top; who wouldnt?

For that reason, it was a super popular item on launch day, and of course, very quickly sold out:

I didn't get my Sculpting Bodysuit on launch day, but as a shapewear lover and a Kardashian superfan, I'm pretty determined to get my hands on one. That said, I check the SKIMS Instagram account and website pretty much daily, and they have yet to provide much information on restock dates.

If you want to be one of the first to know, your best bet is to join the waitlist:


When you join the waitlist on the SKIMS site, you select what product and size you want to be notified about, so you'll only be contacted regarding the specific SKIMS you're looking to buy. Love that! Personally, I've already signed up, so the second the Sculpting Bodysuit is available again, I'll be prepared to Add To Cart ASAP.

While I bought my first round of SKIMS in a shade that matched my skintone, I'm planning to buy the bodysuit in "Onyx," since black is definitely the safest choice for anyone wanting to wear it as a shirt:


That said, there are nine shades to choose from, so you've definitely got some options:


When you think about the fact that there are nine colorways and five sizing options for the Sculpting Bodysuit alone, that means 45 different versions of this baby all sold out. TBH, that's super impressive! Clearly, SKIMS is doing something right. If you're already signed up for the waitlist, the only other tip I have is to make sure you're following both the SKIMS brand and Kim Kardashian herself on Instagram. Neither account has mentioned restock details as of now, but it's only a matter of time, and Kardashian always makes sure her followers are in the know. Fingers crossed for good news soon!