If You Still Want A SKIMS Core Control Thong, Here's How To Find Out When It Restocks

I'm currently writing this while wearing SKIMS that are a size too small. Why not exchange them for the proper size, you ask? The majority of the website is completely sold out, that's why, and out of all the questions tied to the brand's first shapewear drop, the number one thing I see shoppers asking is when the SKIMS Core Control Thong will restock. Personally, I'd also love to know! When I exchange my too-small Bandeau Bra, I'd love to snag a matching Core Control Thong in my perfect skintone match, Ochre. If you, too, are curious about how to get your hands on what is currently society's most coveted thong, read on for all we know about when we can expect it to be shoppable again.

As someone who genuinely loves wearing shapewear, I was thrilled when I first heard Kim Kardashian would be launching her own brand. And, uh, even more thrilled when she changed the name from Kimono to SKIMS. Come launch day, I was ready to stan! And although I'd given myself a spending allowance to go ham and buy a few great pieces, I was gutted to see almost everything I had wanted was already sold out. The Core Control Thong ($24, in my L/XL size disappeared in every colorway almost instantly, and before I knew it, it was gone in every single size. Let's do the math, people: with nine shades and five sizes, a total of 45 different versions of the Core Control Thong sold out. Impressive, no?

Even though it's been over a week since launch day, I'm still dreaming about this darn thong, and I really want it to come back in stock so I can buy it:

That said, SKIMS has provided little to no info on a possible restock as of yet. A quick scroll through SKIMS' Instagram comments shows tons of commentors asking for restock updates, but beneath their most recent handful of posts, said message go unanswered. Immediately after the official launch day and sellout, the brand was replying with the following reassurance: "We’ll be restocking soon. We also have select styles still available in Umber, Onyx, and Oxide!" Since then, though, no new updates have been made.

To be honest, there's only one way to ensure you're one of the first to know about the Core Control Thong's restock, and that's by joining the waitlist:


Where an "Add To Cart" button once existed now stands a button that reads "Sold Out/Join The Waitlist." When you click, you simply select the size of your choosing and enter your email to be immediately notified when your pick is once again shoppable. The other go-to for SKIMS updates? Kim's personal Instagram account, as well as the brand's. Chances are, she'll definitely post restock updates to both when the time comes.

After, all that's left to do is pray to the Kardashians for a restock:


I'll be honest, I'm mad at myself for not snagging the Core Control Thong when I had the chance. I should've gone to the site the second it went live, not taken my sweet time and tried to purchase hours later! The wait is frustrating, but sooner or later, the Core Control Thong and all the other SKIMS pieces will come back in stock, and when they do, you best believe I'll be placing a V large second order.