Rihanna's Makeup Artist Priscilla Ono Just Dropped A Clothing Line With ELOQUII, & It's A Neon Dream

Courtesy of ELOQUII

Summer 2019 hasn't even gotten started, but I can already guarantee that neon will be the hottest trend of the season. It's practically everywhere, from Kylie Jenner's two-toned neon nails to Hailey Baldwin's highlighter yellow wig, and if you haven't found the perfect pop of neon for your own life, look no further. The collab of the century is here, and after seeing what's in the Priscilla Ono x ELOQUII Collection, I know exactly where I'll be buying my brights this year. There are 12 vibrant pieces available in sizes 14 through 28, so start planning a head-to-toe lime green moment or prepare to colorblock your neon oranges and fuchsias, because this collection will give you all sorts of grand ideas.

Makeup artist Priscilla Ono is both Rihanna's personal MUA and the Global MUA for Fenty Beauty, so it's no surprise she has experience creating fire looks. And while she's typically kept her creativity to the beauty realm, she decided to expand into style when a brand she loved reached out. "For years, I’ve been a fan of ELOQUII," Ono told Elite Daily, "So having the opportunity to be able to merge the brand’s fit expertise that I can attest to with the bold and unapologetic aesthetic of my own brand made for a very exciting and natural partnership!

Thus, the most fierce fashion collab to ever exist was born:

I'm not being dramatic — these campaign shots look straight out of a movie:

When designing the collection, Ono had two things in mind: embracing all things standout and neon, and catering to ELOQUII's cool-girl customers, a group to which she proudly belongs. "Neon colors are proving to be a standout trend, both in fashion and beauty," Ono explained to Elite Daily. "Beyond this and professionally, I’ve built my signature style on creating powerful moments through colorful and vibrant expression," she noted, adding "This collection was a way to bring all of this to life with fashion-forward, head-to-toe monochromatic styles."

While to some, such bold pieces might seem intimidating, Ono points out that ELOQUII shoppers love to show off their keen sense of style. "We designed this collection for the ELOQUII customer - a powerful, inspiring and strong woman who uses fashion and beauty as outlets to embrace her confidence," she told Elite Daily.

One of my personal faves from the collection has to eb the Priscilla Ono x ELOQUII Belted Cargo Dress ($120,

But Ono says her faves are the Utility Jumpsuit ($130, and the Makeup Holder Belt Bag ($80, As for styling, she'd sport the duo "paired with a bold red lip, killer brows and an equally as bold shadow palette!"

I love that, when discussing these pieces, Ono immediately wants to build beauty looks around them. "What makes this collection so fun and versatile is that it provides inspiration for looks or complements your makeup so easily." If you're loving Ono's designs and want to shop the neon range for yourself, you can snag all the pieces for sale right now exclusively on the ELOQUII site.