ColourPop's Disney Villains Collection Is Inspired By Ursula, Cruella, & More Evil Glam Icons

Courtesy of ColourPop

When I can't justify buying another palette, lipstick, or powder, there's nothing like a good themed collection to help me justify a new purchase. After all, they're usually limited edition and practically collector's items, and they often hit me right in the nostalgic feels, so I need them, you know? If you feel the same, you're probably wondering what's in the ColourPop Disney Villains Collection, as they just announced the massive drop hitting their site on March 21. Whether you're a die-hard Disney princess lover who adores anything from your fave movies, or like me, have felt a kinship with fierce queens like Ursula and Maleficent since day one — Sorry, princesses, but the villians always had more glam makeup! — this collection is for you, and there's a lot to love.

First up in the collection is the Misunderstood Pressed Powder Palette, which will retail for $22 and features hues inspired by all the villaneous greats. Matte white "No Spots" is no doubt Cruella's favorite brow bone highlight, and I'd give anything to see sea witch Ursula rocking metallic baby pink "Flotsam" and metallic denim blue "Jetsam" for an eyeshadow look gorg enough to leave us all speechless — stealing voices is kind of her thing, after all.

The only thing that was never "misunderstood" about Disney villians? How great their makeup always looked. Forever on point:

Courtesy of ColourPop

Also available for the eyes are six new shades of Jelly Much at $8 apiece. "Cursed" is an antique gold, "Perfectly Wretched" is an icy pink taupe with multicolored glitter, "Not Today" is a jade green with multicolored glitter, "Spindle" is a lavender with a champagne gold flip, "I Own You" is a coral red with an orange duochrome flip, and "Just Your Voice" is an electric blue with a purple duochrome flip.

I feel like even Disney princesses can agree these shades are downright dreamy:

Courtesy of ColourPop

Next up are six new Lux Lipstick shades, each named after an iconic villian. The lippies will be available individually for $8 a pop, or you can snag them all in a bundle for $48. "Evil Queen" is a matte cherry red, "Ursula" is a bold matte blackened plum, "Cruella" is a yellow red crème, "Dr. Facilier" is a warm berry crème, "Maleficent" is a deep magenta crème, and "Hades" is a peachy nude crème.

The bullets say "VILLIANS," and c'mon, it's too good:

Courtesy of ColourPop

But we all know villians love a good glossy lip, too, so there will be six Ultra Glossy Lips as well, retailing at $7 each. "Bad Apple" is a deep cranberry, "Puppies!!!" is a clear with golden flecks, "Shadow Man" is a duochrome crimson with a golden-green flip, "My Pet" is an icy lavender with hot pink duochrome flip, "Hot Headed" is a duochrome bronze orange with a hot pink flip, and "Sad But True" is an opalescent blue.

Like the lipsticks, each gloss comes in its own unique packaging, based on the villian the shade was inspired by:

Courtesy of ColourPop

Moving on, the villians might be devilish, but they're redefining an angelic glow with six Super Shock Highlighters, available for $10 apiece. "You Idiots! You Fools! You Imbeciles!" is described as a pale peach with a coppery flip and flecks of silver. That name, that shade...all around goals. "Fairest of All" is a champagne gold, "Meet Me On the Other Side" is a golden peach, "Mistress of All Evil" is an icy champagne, "Everybody's Got a Weakness" is a peach with hot pink flip, and "Poor Unfortunate Souls" is an opalescent lavender."

It's very important that cheekbones are properly highlighted, so that they catch the light when you throw your head back for a maniacal laugh, villain-style:

Courtesy of ColourPop

Last but not least, there are two fun new shades of Glitterally Obsessed for $10 each. "Anomaly" is a teal with multicolored glitter, and "Do I Look Like I Care?" is a silver that has a coppery rose gold flip.If you haven't tried this formula yet, you really need to. The gel makes a heavy-duty glitter finish so easy to achieve.

And with that, the massive collection is complete:

Courtesy of ColourPop

Seriously, there are so many things I want. How do I possibly decide?

Luckily, you can buy the PR Box bundle for $249, with every single product inside, should you find yourself unable to narrow down your faves. ColourPop have really outdone themselves, and since demand will be high, there are multiple places to snag the products. They go live on March 21 on Colourpop's website, Ulta's site, and