I Tried The Zoella X ColourPop Brunch Collection & Determined Which Products Are Mimosa-Proof

You know that song from The Sound Of Music, "My Favorite Things," in which a dozen or so of Julie Andrews' character's faves are rattled off with ease? I could never remix this (not like anyone asked) with a list of my own, because TBH, there are only two things that come to mind, and that's brunch and makeup. It's not enough to make a good song, but it is enough to make a few good beauty products, and this Zoella X ColourPop Brunch Collection review will prove it. I tried out the whole collection to determine what stood out, what was skippable, and what was an essential for all feature pre-brunch glam sessions, and spoiler alert, there's a lot to love, so consider skipping brunch just one Sunday and putting that money towards these products instead. It'll be worth it, and you'll be back at the table one week later with your makeup on point.

When the Zoella X ColourPop collab was first announced, I already knew it would be a match made in heaven. Zoë Sugg is a true Youtube OG with a not-at-all low-key 11 million followers on the platform, and considering ColourPop has 7 million followers of their own on Instagram, it's safe to say the collection had a pretty massive target audience straight away. As a casual watcher of Zoella and a regular wearer of ColourPop products, I immediately knew I wanted to try everything out. I figured I'd most likely be pleased because of my personal positive feelings towards the brand and influencer, but that said, I also knew I'd be a harsh critic, as the bar was set high in my eyes. Sugg has her own product line, Zoella Beauty, so she clearly knows her stuff, and for her to team up with one of the biggest beauty brands in the game meant the products had to be worth the hype.

Here's me, wearing a lid-to-lip look using the new products:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

So, how was it? For me, the standout products were easily the Supernova Shadows ($7 apiece, done in two shades, "OG" and "Bellini." If you've ever been to my apartment, you'd know I have at least ten of the Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadows ($24, lined up on my vanity at all times — they're the best liquid shadows on the market, IMHO, I and reach for them so often that I can hardly be bothered to put them away, so out they stay. Many brands have made valiant efforts in attempting to dupe the Stila shadows, but ColourPop's take are by far the best I've tried. They apply like a dream, are super pigmented and just glitzy enough on the lids, and don't crease one bit after they dry down, even on my hooded eyes. I can definitely see myself continuing to reach for these often, and would recommend them to anyone who wants a gorgeous one-and-done eye look for less than $10.

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

Although I did prefer the Supernova Shadows to the Brunch Date Pressed Powder Shadow Palette ($18,, it definitely still deserves a shout-out, too. It's a great neutral palette for a quick neutral look, and exactly the kind of colours I'd want for a not-too-hype but still-worthy-of-compliments brunch glam, if you know what I mean. My only complaint is that I wish there was one super-light, creamy neutral to blend out a darker crease with, but it was easy to find one in my collection and use that to supplement. The pop of royal blue is a popular choice this spring, and ColourPop's is pigmented AF, so pop that baby below your lower lashline and blend, girl, blend. If you're more of a neutral girl when it comes to lining the eyes, the brown and black shades of Crème Gel Liner ($5, in the collection might be a better choice. Plus, they've got this incredible mimosa-orange packaging, so you won't lose them if you chuck them at the bottom of your big purse for between-brunch-courses touchups. Just me?

Real talk, the only things in the collection that didn't thrill me were the Pressed Powder Blush in "Soul Mate" ($8, and the Pressed Powder Highlighter in "Swipe Right" ($8,, which was a shame because that egg-shaped packaging is seriously the cutest compact I've seen in a long, long time. I need another brunch collection for exclusively (Eggsclusively?) eggs, ColourPop! I found both powders to blend out fine, but they were a little chalky, and the highlight was pretty dull. If you want my advice, I'd say you're better off snagging one of the brand's Super Shock Blushes ($8, and Super Shock Highlighters ($8,, which offer much more pigment for the same price.

Lastly, ColourPop can do no wrong when it comes to lip products, so of course, these little lip kits were on point. The milk carton-like packaging put me over the edge in terms of cuteness, and I love that they included a red, a pink, and a nude, since we all have our brunch shade of choice. I personally fell for the What Happens At Brunch Lip Bundle ($12,, which included pinky nude Ultra Matte Lip "@ Me" and accompanying Lippie Pencil in "Oh Snap." The liner had a great creamy texture and didn't fade or spread, and the matte lip felt light and lasted through my pancakes, so how could I possibly complain? Matte liquid lipsticks are the ultimate eating-approved formula, so I'm glad ColourPop kept this in mind given the brunch theme.

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

All in all, another great line by ColourPop, with especially fun packaging courtesy of Zoella's creativity and that fun brunch inspo. Bottom line, if you wear any of these products to your next brunch date, expect a ton of compliments!