CoverGirl's 'GoT'-Inspired Eyeshadow Palettes Have Me Ready To Serve Khaleesi-Level Looks


Full disclosure: I don't actually watch Game of Thrones, but I still feel like a fan. I love hearing about the badass female characters like Daenerys, Sansa, and Arya, and I've basically been able to keep up with the entire plotline just by scrolling Twitter, so I know an awful lot for someone without an HBO subscription. That said, I've been living for all the beauty looks and even makeup lines inspired by the show, and if you haven't seen what's in CoverGirl's Game of Thrones-inspired collection, get ready to pick up some drugstore goodies ASAP. The iconic brand launched four Thrones-worthy palettes just in time for the show's final season, and just like it's impossible to have a favorite GOT character, I guarantee the palettes are so good, you'll be buying more than one.

ICYMI, Urban Decay recently debuted a stunning Game of Thrones beauty line, but drugstore brand Covergirl came to compete! At just under $15 a pop, these four eyeshadow palettes are crafted for completely different looks, all inspired by the different stages of nobility experienced by some of the show's major characters, per Bustle. Ascension, reign, overthrow, and revolution were the four major themes behind these bold, rich colorstories, and each palette is available exclusively at Walmart.

Covergirl describes the drop as serving "looks fit for royalty":

"4 palettes filled with ultra-rich pigmented shades and shimmery finishes to bring out your inner monarch," the brand declared on Instagram as part of the product reveal, and OMG, I couldn't take my eyes off of the packaging. Typically, I prefer a brand to keep product packaging uniform, but given the diffrent stages these palettes represent, I love how unique they are, and they do all give off GOT vibes in their own different ways.

First up is the Reign Eyeshadow Palette ($15,, full of queen-approved hues:

That rich, regal purple, that crown-colored gold, that Khaleesi-approved blue! Yes, yes, and hard yes. With gilded golden packaging shade names like "Power Trip," "Next of Kin," "Money Maker," and "Dignified," this is definitely the palette I'd wear whilst doing my makeup for my coronation.

Next up is a more pastel colorstory, via the Ascension Eyeshadow Palette ($15,

The icy white packaging screams "Winter is coming," but inside this palette, the shades are all perfect for spring. With a few pastel pinks and purples and lots of browns and nudes, this is definitely the most neutral, wearable palette in the lineup. Bonus points for cute shade names like "Curtsy," "Tulle," and "Queen To Be."

The third palette in the mix is the Revolution Eyeshadow Palette ($15,, and it's all about spicing things up:

I'm obsesed with the fiery warm tones in the top row of this palette, and of course, the edgy black and red packaging to boot. "Ruthless," "Showdown," and "Bare It All" are some of the shade names in this baby, and it's definitely got all the right components for a perfect battle-chic look. Imagine pairing these hues with winged liner as sharp as your sword? That's some serious BBE (Big Battle Energy), if you ask me.

Last but not least, the Overthrown Eyeshadow Palette ($15, offers smoky, post-battle realness:

TBH, I have nothing like the Overthrown palette in my current collection, so this one is at the top of my Must-Buy list. I'm living for the edgy all-black packaging, as well as sooty shades like "Conviction," "Vanquished," and "Taken." Best of all, I can't wait to use deep emerald green "Never Again" smoked out on my lower lashline. So good.

Anybody want to take a trip to Walmart? I want to snatch these palettes up before they're gone!

If you don't live near a Walmart, you can obviously shop them on the Walmart website, but given that GOT is as popular as ever, it's likely they'll sell out soon, so be sure to snag your fave (or all four) before it's too late. Fingers crossed that when I wear these, people will be so distracted by my great eyeshadow, they'll hardly notice I don't actually watch the show.