8 Things Your Dog Would Likely Say To You On Valentine's Day If They Could Talk

In a perfect world, candy would always be at a discounted price, and flowers would show up on your doorstep on Valentine's Day. The sun would be shining, you'd be wearing the cutest outfit for your date night, and it wouldn't be a hassle to get a reservation at a fancy restaurant. Oh, and your pup would be able to talk to you — duh! That's right, your fur baby would be able to recommend a good romantic comedy to watch or say, "I love you," while wagging their tail. Let's just pretend, shall we, and imagine what your dog would say on Valentine's Day if they could talk and show you some love.

Your pup is like your best friend. They're always there for you and ready to go on an adventure. They're excited every time you walk into a room and totally overlook concepts like "boundaries" or "too much information." (You've caught your fluff taking a nap on your bed or rolling all over your side of the couch too many times to count.) So, to be honest, this whole scenario would be a dream come true.

You'd be able to hear your dog's opinion on all the drama you've dished over the years. You'd be able to ask them what you should get for dinner and say, "Burritos or pizza tonight, Buster?" Lucky for you, I've already imagined what your dog would say to you on Valentine's Day, and it's more than a bark.

"You can stay home with me! I have no plans."

First things first: On Valentine's Day, your pup wants to show you lots of love. They want to follow you around your apartment, and give you lots of kisses. They want to make sure you know how appreciated and loved you are. Most importantly, though, they want you to stay home and spend time with them.

You may start getting ready for your date night, slipping on your new dress and shoes, and they're running around your feet. If they could talk, in this moment, they'd say, "You can stay home with me. I have no plans!" And you'd highly consider it. Plans with your pup are always way better.

"I can't eat the chocolate, but snuggling is just as sweet!"

Of course, your pup can't indulge in the candy on Valentine's Day. But, it's OK, because you two make up for it in snuggling. You get cozy on the couch with a bunch of blankets and pillows, and catch up on the latest episodes of Chopped on Food Network. Every once in a while, your pup barks at a perfectly-plated dish.

If they could talk, they would say that this is the best way to celebrate love — to be at home, wearing something cozy, and cuddling until midnight. Does it get much better than that?

"I'd like to give you my stuffed animal for Valentine's Day."

Boxes of chocolate and roses are your typical Valentine's Day gift. Although, sometimes, your gal pals might decide to do a gift exchange or swap homemade cookies on Feb. 14. You go out to brunch and order a bunch of waffles before sharing lots of laughs and new memories.

If your pup could talk, they would tell you that they have an even better present waiting for you at home. Surprise! It's one of their stuffed animals. It's a cute giraffe that you bought a few months ago, or a pink elephant that's been around since you welcomed your fluff into your home way back when. How thoughtful, huh?

"Let's watch a movie together. You can pick which one!"
Katarina Simovic/Stocksy

Whether you have plans on Feb. 14 or not, your pup wants you to know that they are always ready to watch a movie with you. They are ready to turn on your favorite romantic comedy, or watch the drama film that you've already played a thousand times. If they could talk, they would tell you themselves. (I'm just the messenger, OK?)

They would tell you that going out to a fancy restaurant can be fun, but making a bowl of popcorn and streaming La La Land or reruns of Stranger Things can't be beat. If I were you, I'd listen!

"Sorry that I chewed your shoes, but I think these look better."
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Your pup may have gotten into the habit of chewing your shoes. You forget to put your winter boots in the closet, or leave your sandals near the door after a particularly sandy beach day and, well, they're gone for good. The laces are all stretched out and the seams are ripped. In the moment, you might be a little mad, but you know if your dog could talk, they would apologize over and over again.

The truth is, especially on Valentine's Day, they just want you to look your best. They want you to wear the shoes that they picked out, and follow all of their fashion-forward ideas. (They've been watching a lot of Project Runway when you're gone. Can you tell?)

"Can you bring me home some of the leftovers from your date?"

If your dog could talk, they would say one thing before you leave for your date night on Valentine's Day: "Can you bring me home some leftovers?" They want a taste of the fancy cuisine, too — the penne a la vodka or the grilled steak that came with a side of mashed potatoes. (My stomach is growling just thinking about it!)

They want to be wined and dined, and take a night off from that dog food. They want to know that, even though you were out in the city casually falling in love, that you were still thinking of them. Little do they know, there's not a minute when your fluff isn't on your mind.

"Your new friend has to meet me, so I can approve."
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Before any Valentine's Day festivities begin, your pup has to meet your date. They have to make sure this person is welcoming and friendly, and good at getting that spot behind their ears. They have to make sure they are good at cuddling, or like long walks when the weather is nice. It's like a really tough interview, if you will.

Now, if your dog could talk, they would tell you this themselves. But, for now, they're just barking at your feet and making sure they get attention when a new person walks through the door. They're waiting for you to introduce them — what are you waiting for?

"I love and appreciate you so much!"
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Last but not least, on Valentine's Day (or any day, really) your pup would likely say, "I love and appreciate you so much!" You're truly the most important person in their life, and they never want you to forget it — no matter what.

Sure, other dogs and other people make come into your life and steal a piece of your heart. But, you'll always be number one to your furry friend. So, be sure to give them a little extra love and know that, if they could talk, this is what they would say. It's not a perfect world quite yet, but thanks to your pup, you're pretty in love with your life, well-past Valentine's Day.