What Will Make Your Spring Break Memorable, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Dream big; it's spring break. With beach trips and bestie getaways right around the corner, you've probably been spending a majority of your time in class daydreaming. Textbooks just aren't as exciting as tropical places, and it's easy to get sidetracked when summer vibes are so close. Don't worry, I totally get it. Spending a week seeing the world with your best friends by your side is sort of a dream, and you're crossing all your fingers that it will be everything you hoped for. What will make your spring break memorable? According to your zodiac sign, it will be a week well-spent thanks to one thing.

You're probably so ready to the hit the road, cue up your perfect playlist, and make some memories. Our experiences teach us more than those exams ever will, and this week you'll finally be able to follow your wild wanderlust.

Maybe you're having a staycation and catching up on some sleep during this spring break. Oh boy, your bed will have never felt better, and there are a lot of memories to be made during movie marathons and sleepovers just the same.

So, whether you're headed for the beach or your blankets, this week is bound to be one for the books. Let your feet wander and your mind wonder. And if you're curious as to what will be so memorable about your spring break, look to the stars instead of the sunshine.

Aries: Going On An Adventurous Excursion

Adventure is out there, Aries. You've always been one to make the most of life, even if you're just living the day-to-day routine. You're the first to turn class into a competition, or lead your group to a good grade on a project. It keeps it more interesting for everyone, and this spring break you'll do nothing short of daring once again.

Paragliding, parasailing, skydiving, or safaris — these are all extreme excursions that are waiting for you this week. Wherever you may go, seek out something that will totally set your soul on fire. Reaching new heights is pretty regular for you, but nothing will beat the views you can get on this break.

Taurus: Trying An Exotic Food

You'd love to spend your week wining and dining, Taurus. When you booked your trip, you took the cuisine into high consideration. Anywhere that wouldn't have a good menu just wouldn't be the best for making spring break memories. Traveling gives your tastebuds the chance to find new flavors, and this week you'll be packing your spoon along with some sunscreen.

Maybe you're headed somewhere tropical and will try a fruit with an unexpected tang, or are going abroad to experience escargot. With every culture comes a full array of food — and the stars are happy to serve you such a memorable week.

Gemini: Making A New Friend

Friendship is kind of your forte, Gemini. Your curiosity will sometimes get the best of you, but in social situations, it totally thrives. You can strike up a conversation with just about anyone, and have found yourself making best friends out of strangers in just minutes.

Sure, a majority of your time on spring break will be spent with your friend crew. But, bar nights and beach volleyball mean that your squad just might expand a bit. Talk to the people around you on your travels, and listen to their stories. According to the stars, when you get social this spring break, you'll be making the best memories.

Cancer: Skinny Dipping

You're a Water sign, Cancer. So, spending your spring break by the sea is kind of a must. This week, you're hoping to clock in some serious beach days with a book and lovely time by the lake. You love how your mind tends to wander off when it's by the waves. What can you say? It just calms your soul.

Skinny dipping is on a lot of our bucket lists. You're rather persuasive, so if this sounds up your alley, you'll surely convince one friend to dive in, too. Don't hold back on making memories this week, and make a splash in your birthday suit, courtesy of the stars.

Leo: Meeting Someone Famous

The stars in the sky won't be the only ones you'll see this spring break, Leo. You were born to take center stage, and sometimes you wish you were living the famous lifestyle yourself. Sitting in school isn't so glamorous, but on the weekends, you find a lot of joy in surrounding yourself with all of your friends. You feel like a celebrity amongst your crew, and are known for having immense self-confidence.

This week, according to the stars, you just might meet someone from the movies, your favorite singer, or a YouTube star. Meeting your teen idol or boy band crush would surely be a memorable moment, and one that you'd have to capture for social media. The average spring break Instagram caption won't do it justice, but it'll be a story you tell in every social situation to come.

Virgo: Doing Something Spontaneous

Life starts when you get outside of your comfort zone, Virgo. Spring break is all about making memories, but also being spontaneous. Some of our most memorable moments aren't planned, calculated, or penciled-in weeks in advance. Sure, you love to stick to the tried and true — but, to make this break one for the books, the stars highly suggest you just go with the flow.

Whether you book some plane tickets totally last-minute, or ditch your planner, this week you should let your life be left up to chance. You'll be shocked at the unreal memories you can make when you're doing something spontaneous.

Libra: Dissolving The Drama

Oh, Libra. Deciding what to do for spring break was tricky because you're so indecisive. But, making memories doesn't have to be so hard — especially when you've left it up to the stars. This time of the year people are really starting to get stressed. You just finished your midterms, are pretty deep into your syllabi, and trying not to get sick. It's no wonder your friends have been feeling a bit moody!

A truly memorable week will be spent dissolving all the drama. You love to keep the peace, and lately, it might feel like everybody is extra wound-up. Maybe your friends are in somewhat of a feud, or there are just situations lurking that were never totally solved. Use this week to reconcile any differences and let it forever be known as the spring break you spent finding balance between your besties.

Scorpio: Welcoming Love Into Your World

Fall in love with as many things as possible, Scorpio. You're a passionate person, and there's not a love story in the world that won't leave you totally in your feels. Relationships are your favorite, because you love surrounding yourself with people who will be in the picture for a long time, and your emotions are endlessly giving you inspiration and the opportunity to express yourself.

This spring break will be memorable for you, because you'll fall in love with someone or something. Maybe you'll find a new city, bae, or interest that will totally set your world on fire. Truth is, falling in love is an incredible feeling — just be careful, because you tend to catch the feels awfully quick.

Sagittarius: Establishing Your Home Base

The world is your oyster, Sagittarius. And you don't think you'll ever be ready to settle. Staying in one place just honestly sounds like such a nightmare, and you hope to be following your wanderlust way past just this week. But, having one place to call home can be incredibly rewarding and a little realistic. Come out of the clouds for just a second, and hear the stars out.

You've fallen in love with a lot of places around this world, but this spring break, you'll find a place worth your forever. Sure, it'll kind of act like a home-base for when you're jet setting from one country to the next, but that feeling of coming home to your bed will be nothing short of unreal every time.

Capricorn: Seeing Your Favorite Band In Concert

Nothing beats live music, Capricorn. You know that quality will always beat quantity, and seeing your favorite band perform will be the one experience that totally makes your week well-spent. Maybe you've had the tickets for months and have been highly anticipating this show, or just squeezed in something a little alternative in a smaller venue last-minute. You'll surely be dancing until dawn, either way.

Truth is, every spring break should have a soundtrack, and there are a thousand road trip playlists out there that'll be totally fitting for your friend crew. But, don't just settle for songs on the radio and streaming services. The stars know that surrounding yourself with your tunes will make for the most memorable spring break.

Aquarius: Taking A Solo Trip

According to the stars, you'll be spending your spring break a bit in solitude, Aquarius. You might not be an introvert, but the peace and quiet could do you some good, and there's a beauty to being comfortable in your solitude.

They say that you should travel alone at least once in your lifetime. Wandering the world already teaches us so much about ourselves, but when you do it alone, soul-searching reaches a whole new level.

The only schedule you'll have to follow is your own, so leave the planners and maybe even your phone behind for an afternoon. Truth is, you're incredibly independent. So, having this time to yourself will be a breeze.

Pisces: Doing Some Soul-Searching

You want this break to be perfect, Pisces. You love the escape, and this time in the semester calls for running away to rest and relaxation. Spending the week in bed doesn't sound so bad, but according to the stars, spending some time soul-searching elsewhere will make for the most memorable spring break.

Maybe you'll hit up a local coffee shop with a book of poetry and get some personal space. Or maybe you'll surround yourself with all different kinds of people in a city to find some unexpected company. You're a Water sign, so going with the flow isn't out of the norm. But, this break, you'll have to ride the wave more than ever before and get a little spiritual before once again diving into the semester.