Get Ready, Because 4 Planets Are Retrograde This August

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Astrology can always help explain what's really going on. Whenever you have an off day or things that usually flow smoothly are running into conflict, it's normal to wonder what's up with the cosmos. After all, maybe there's a transit taking place that will give you a better understanding of how you're feeling and what's happening. If you've been feeling off lately and hoping that feeling will end soon, then you're probably curious to know which planets are retrograde in August 2020, especially after the mayhem July wrought.

The good news is you're in luck — no inner planets will station retrograde during the month of August. (The inner planets include Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and the reason things feel so much much more intense when these planets are retrograde is because you feel effects on a daily basis.) However, that doesn't mean you're completely in the clear, because there will still be four retrograde planets during the month of August (Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto).

The fact four planets will be retrograde might be freaking you out, but I'm here to sully your worries, because it's not that big of a deal. In fact, because these are all outer planets, you might not even notice their retrograde effects. In actuality, you might even enjoy these retrogrades. When a planet is retrograde, some of its power is subdued and its energy is turned inward instead of outward. Because these planets tend to create chaos and change when they're flowing without inhibition, their retrogrades can be considered a break from all the intensity. However, that doesn't mean they won't have a deep impact on your life.

Here's everything you need to know:

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Uranus Retrograde: Rediscover Your Independence And Individuality

The only retrograde that actually begins this August is Uranus retrograde. This is the planet of erratic change and individuality, and when it stations retrograde on August 15, you may feel less like the world is rapidly changing and more like you are rapidly changing. This retrograde is about harnessing your authentic self and letting yourself march to no other drum but your own. Lasting until January 13, 2021, this retrograde will help you regain your independence.

Jupiter Retrograde: Explore Your Spiritual Side And Embrace Your Inner Growth

Jupiter — planet of growth, indulgence, and adventure — has been retrograde since May 14. During this time, you may have noticed the world seems as though it's running a bit slower and taking its time. That's because Jupiter is out of play, turning its energy inward. This is a beautiful time to focus on personal expansion and evolution. Instead of waiting for the world to draw you out of your shell, you're putting yourself out there on your own. You're doing the work to help yourself grow from deep within and creating inspiration from scratch.

Saturn Retrograde: Recognize Your Karma And Take Responsibility

The planet of karma, consequences, and limitation's retrograde is nowhere near as scary as it sounds. Saturn has been retrograde since May 11 and it will remain retrograde until September 29. Normally, Saturn creates boundaries and rules. However, during retrograde, you receive somewhat of a break from Saturn's more sobering effects. During this time, you learn how to create boundaries and rules for yourself. If you don't spend this time delving into personal reflection, however, Saturn direct may feel like a rude awakening.

Pluto Retrograde: Confront Your Inner Demons And Shadow Self

Pluto is the planet of darkness, creation, destruction, and transformation. In other words, Pluto is serious stuff. When retrograde, Pluto slinks back into its own shadow, encouraging you to face your own darkness. There is an underbelly to everyone's personality; a darkness you may prefer to pretend isn't there because you fear what it represents. But Pluto retrograde is a beautiful time to acknowledge the power your darkness holds, because your darkness pertains to your ability to become stronger. Pluto retrograde began on April 25 and ends on October 4, and this serves as a fantastic time to work on yourself.

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