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Jupiter Retrograde Will Affect Your Luck In More Ways Than One

by Valerie Mesa

Three planets — Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn — will join powerful Pluto on the retrograde bandwagon in May, but before you get pre-retrograde jitters, you'll be pleased to know Jupiter retrograde 2020 will affect your luck in more — good! — ways than one. Retrograde cycles are all about going inward and with Jupiter and Venus — better known as the "Great Benefic" planets — stationing retrograde, this is an incredible opportunity for abundance.

With Venus and Jupiter ("Benefic" planets) joining Pluto (a "Malefic" planet) retrograde and Saturn (another "Malefic" planet) retrograde beginning on May 11, Jupiter stationing retrograde will harmonize the "Benefic" versus "Malefic" energies. Jupiter — the planet of luck, faith, and expansion — begins its backwards journey through the structured sign of Capricorn on May 14, where it will remain until Sept. 12.

Gracious Jupiter will reunite with transformative Pluto in Capricorn — amidst its own retrograde journey — for a second time on June 30. Both of these heavenly bodies had already met in a conjunction on April 5 but now that they're both retrograde, the overall potency of this celestial reunion will bring you closer to your personal power and shed a light on what you've manifested for yourself thus far. For more context on how this will affect you, check which astrological house belongs to Capricorn on your birth chart.

Jupiter And Its Role In Astrology


Jupiter is the planet of abundance, expansion, faith, discovery, higher-learning, and luck, which means anything involving Jupiter can't be too bad... unless you over indulge on your blessings. Too much of anything is never a good thing, but there's no denying the potency of the largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter — Pisces' traditional ruler and Sagittarius' planetary ruler — instills just the right amount of faith needed to take risks in order to come face-to-face with your higher self.

Jupiter is outspoken and truth-seeking, and its energy is equivalent to a magnifying glass, exposing and amplifying everything it comes into contact with. Its optimistic yet philosophical influence encourages the collective to expand the mind and see the bigger picture in every situation. While this can eventually help shape society for the better, the "Great Benefic" enters a new zodiac sign every 12 to 13 months, so the theme of this lucky streak will ultimately depend on the sign its traveling through.

Jupiter Retrograde In Capricorn 2020: May 14, 2020

Blessed with abundance and glimmering with bounty, Jupiter's been transiting through serious Capricorn since December 2019. During this time, the Santa Claus of the cosmos has shed light on the structure of your long-term goals and vistas. It has magnified your hard work while inspiring you to persevere on the steps you've been taking towards your personal success. In Capricorn, gracious Jupiter is motivating the collective to manifest something tangible and long-lasting. While Jupiter transits through Capricorn, you'll have faith in your self-mastery.

Once Jupiter stations retrograde, the King of the Gods will provide you with the opportunity to take a step back and reevaluate the work habits you've planted thus far, along with your concept of time overall. Capricorn is governed by righteous Saturn — Father Time and Lord of Karma — which means this Jupiter retrograde will inspire you to review your soul contracts and karma. Amidst its backwards journey through Saturn-ruled Capricorn, the planet of luck will also enhance the potential for personal triumph and divine wisdom.