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Yup, There Are FIVE Planets Retrograde RN

by Valerie Mesa
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Retrograde cycles are typically frowned upon, given the reputation planets have for making everything that could possibly go wrong go wrong. Although this couldn't be further from the truth, it's easy to get caught up in the chaos. The astro weather is action-packed, but knowing what planets are retrograde in July 2020 will give you more context on what to expect.

If your first thought when you hear the word "retrograde" is Mercury, you're not the only one. In addition to being the closest planet to the sun, Mercury is the planet of communication and cognitive functioning. It's considered a personal planet in astrology, which is another reason why its retrogrades in this planet are felt so prominently. It's the reason why, when retrograde, everything from your communication to your e-mail server will more than experience a series of glitches and just feel... off.

Retrograde cycles put planets in reverse, and are also incredibly revealing. When a planet retrogrades, it slows down, causing a planet to reverse over the degrees it just passed over. The best way to spend a retrograde cycle is to use it as a period of review and reflection.

In July, there will be a total of five planets retrograde, but in addition to the pre- and post-eclipse energies, the astro weather hasn't exactly served as an opportunity to catch your breath.


The retrograde madness began on April 9 when luscious Venus entered its retrograde shadow in Gemini, with the planet first hovering over the very same degrees it would soon retrograde over.

Venus retrograde in Gemini lasted about a month or so, as it officially stationed direct on June 25, but the post-retrograde effects continue until Venus leaves its retrograde shadow on July 29. This means themes involving your relationships, finances, and values will continue to linger until the end of July.

Simultaneously, Mercury is currently retrograding through emotionally driven Cancer until it stations direct on July 12, and this automatically makes this moon-ruled season that much more nostalgic. Sentimental and deeply empathic, Mercury retrograde in Cancer will not only give you an opportunity to rekindle relationships with family members, it'll also make it easier to express your emotions.

On July 1, Saturn retrograde reenters its sign of rulership, Capricorn, and this will be the last time the Lord of Karma's travels through its home sign for the next 27 to 29 years. Righteous and traditional, Saturn will continue to restructure your personal and professional foundations until it enters Aquarius in December. Lucky Jupiter — the planet of faith and abundance — is also retrograde in Capricorn, magnifying the work Saturn is doing alongside powerful Pluto.

Pluto — the planet of death, transformation, power, and everything beneath the surface — is also retrograding through Capricorn until Oct. 4. And with the help of Saturn and Jupiter retrograde, Pluto will shed light on authority figures who have abused their power in order to rebuild systems and structures from the ground up. Remember, Capricorn takes action with honesty and integrity, and this traditional energy is currently being expressed via Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Last but not least, Neptune is also retrograde in its sign of rulership, Pisces, until Nov. 28, and Chiron — the wounded healer — will station retrograde in Aries on July 11.

While this may sound like a lot to take in, it's important to look at these retrogrades from a different perspective. They provide an opportunity to take it easy, slow down, and use this time to revisit where you've been and reassess where you're going.

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