What Do Men Fantasize About? 12 Guys Reveal Their Secret Sexual Fantasies

If you've ever wondered, "what do men fantasize about?" you're definitely not alone. Movies, TV shows, and pornography might give you the impression that the majority of guys have the same kinds of sexual fantasies. While Princess Leia costumes, naughty schoolgirl role-play, and FFM threesomes are plenty popular, the idea that all men are into the same things in the bedroom is far from true. Just like women, men are interested in exploring all kinds of sexual fantasies, from kinky acts to scenarios that would be considered "vanilla."

Maybe you want to give your male partner a sexy surprise, or perhaps you're simply curious about what actually goes on inside a guy's mind. Whatever your reasons, knowing what sexual scenarios real men secretly fantasize about can be truly eye-opening. Not to mention, it might give you some fun ideas to discuss trying out with your partner.

I sourced quotes from Reddit and spoke to guys in their 20s who provided a range of answers to this common question. While some men had similar fantasies, others shared some seriously unique ideas. These ideal situations range from totally plausible, to pretty unlikely. For example, unless you're an astronaut, it's probably going to be pretty difficult to make number nine happen. Number five, on the other hand, is much more feasible. Before I give too much away, here's what 12 guys had to say about their hidden sexual desires.

1. This guy likes the idea of bondage.

Stocksy/Audrey Shtecinjo
I'd like to tie a consenting girl to the bed and make her orgasm. Maybe throw in a blindfold and some toys for good measure. Just let her lie back, not have to do anything, and give her a good time.

— Charlie*, 25

2. This guy dreams of a very specific kind of threesome.

A threesome with two girls who role-play teachers and I'm the student.

— Chad*, 27

3. This guy wants to get high (up).

I really want to have sex in a high rise window. Like at least 50 floors up.


4. For this man, two is better than one.

Stocksy/Mauro Grigollo
Normal stuff, getting laid by identical twins.


5. This man wants to enjoy two of the greatest feelings in the world.

Stocksy/Guille Faingold
I'm really into play fighting that ends in cuddling. It's just that sweet release followed by one of the best feelings in the world.


6. This guy wouldn't mind getting some attention in public.

I always wanted to have sex with someone who talks dirty but doesn't swear. And exhibitionism, which is pretty usual I guess. I always wanted to get a hand/blowjob in a movie theatre.


7. For this man, having a woman take charge is a major turn-on.

I feel like any situations where I’m being "used" just for her satisfaction gets my heart going. Specifically in the context of a superior coming at me. Like a work supervisor/boss or college professor. Something about not being the main initiator has always felt refreshing. That...and in my mind they are always glasses-wearing ladies which always makes my knees weak.


8. This guy doesn't always want to do all the work.

I come back from work and then she does all the work so I can lie there and enjoy myself.


9. This guy has out-of-this-world expectations.

I want to have sex in zero-g, like on the space station. We would just float there, cuddling and making love and f*cking, gazing down at the Earth below us.


10. This man has a dominant streak.

Stocksy/Juan Moyano
I have a dominant streak. I like when girls want to submit, be subservient, and like to be owned. I gotta find a girl to wife who is into that.


11. This guy's fantasy is ~super~ specific.

My ex dressed in a harley quinn outfit


12. For this man, communication falls by the wayside.

With some chick I just met that doesn't speak English.


These guys have probably given you a lot to think about. Now, maybe it's time you consider what your secret sex fantasies are.

*Name has been changed.

This post was originally published on Aug. 2, 2018. It was updated on Aug. 23, 2019 by Elite Daily Staff.