Victoria F. on "Women Tell All"

Victoria F. Finally Addressed Rumors Of Her Breaking Up Marriages On "WTA"


After being sent home on the March 2 episode of The Bachelor, Victoria Fuller took the Hot Seat on "Women Tell All" to face some tough questions. On top of having a dramatic on-air journey this season, the contestant has also faced serious backlash for some rumors about her pre-Bachelor life. In particular, Victoria F. addressed the rumors she broke up marriages on the "Women Tell All" episode, and her strong reaction to them made it clear where she stands.

Victoria had been at the center of some major drama during her Bachelor run. First there was the Chase Rice incident, during which she revealed she'd dated Rice after the singer serenaded her and Peter on a one-on-one date. Next, the public discovered she had modeled for a controversial clothing brand a few years back. And in addition to a few other emotionally heated moment with Peter, one of the most jaw-dropping moments for Victoria came when Peter's ex, Merissa, showed up during Hometown Week. Merissa vocalized some strong concerns about Victoria and accused her of breaking up more than one relationship before joining The Bachelor.

Peter brought up these accusations to Victoria during Hometown Week, and it was clear Victoria was offended and shocked. After an intense conversation, Peter left before even meeting Victoria's family.

On the "Women Tell All" episode, Victoria had another chance to address those rumors head-on. After watching a montage of her and Peter's relationship, Chris Harrison asked the contestant directly how the marriage break-up rumors were affecting her, and noted "there were some serious accusations," about her pre-Bachelor love life.


Victoria responded with a quote directly about Merissa: "This was someone that didn’t like me and ... I don’t really know why she did it. Maybe she wanted to come on the show."

But Chris Harrison wanted a more specific answer. "To be clear, have you broken up marriages?" he asked. Victoria responded with a resounding "absolutely not," which seemed to put those rumors to bed... at least for now.

Also during her "Women Tell All" Hot Seat session, Victoria addressed her relationship with Peter and explained why she had difficulty opening up and communicating with him throughout the season. "I think Peter was the one good thing that I got to have … and it was easier for me to push him away because it was easier to just not have him at all than to lose him at the end of it," she said. "I was in love with that boy."

Is this the last word fans will hear from Victoria about this season, or will more chatter come out of the woodworks? Only time will tell. Until then, Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor continues on March 9 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.